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Adoption program

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The Humane Society, here, has a new program called "Snuggles for Seniors". People 60 and over can adopt a cat or dog, over 6 years old, without an adoption fee. The only fee is the $8.00 Pima County license fee, for dogs. The law does not allow the Humane Society to pay that.

This program getss older animals adopted and gets pets to people who might not be able to afford the usual $65.00 fee. All of the pets are neutered before they leave the shelter.

Both of my cats came from the Humane Society and we'll probably go there, when its time for a new kitty.
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That's a great plan. Our Cats Protection also advocates the adoption of older cats to senior citizens with a minimal donation. That way the elderly person has a companion, but not one that is too energetic for them to cope with.

And also - practically speaking, once a cat has been through the trauma of rehoming, it would be unfair to give a young cat to an older person, as it may well mean that due to illness, infirmity or death, the cat would need to be rehomed again.
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I think thats a great idea, really must help to get the older animals adopted out - which is always good!
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Great idea! And the older people will benefit from a companion too. Now all we need is a NHS for pets Vet fees are ridiculous and alot won't get pets because of that.

We give money to the PDSA which is a free vet service for people with low incomes and we need more of them.
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That IS a great idea!!!!
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That's wonderful! Do you know if it's associated with Purina? A few years back (when their foods were all I could afford), I know that they sponsored a "Pets for People" program that paid shelter adoption fees for seniors who could afford to feed an animal but not the initial case outlay to adopt it. I remember thinking that this was a wonderful program. I'm glad to hear that it seems to be catching on.
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I saw on my home town paper online (Wisconsin State Journel) has a program now running called:
Home fo the Holidays!
They gave reduced costs and placed 200 animals last Christmas and hope again to do as well this year!

We all need to participate in our local humane societies even if it's bringing down newspaper..or a deeply needed prayer.

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