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Trent & Ophelia pics

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Since everyone else is getting snap happy, I thought I would add some pics of my babies to the mix. Yes, BuNN, you can snag these for your website.

First, my Trent with his favorite toy in the whole wide world - a sparkle pom!
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Trent is so cute when he meows!
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Here's another pic of Ophelia posing pretty. She hears the camera and starts modeling! LOL
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Ophelia sometimes forces snuggling on Trent, but he doesn't mind it too much. Note how he's hugging her.
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...and as long as he snuggles her, she doesn't care where his pillow is!
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Heidi - they're ADORABLE!!! The cuddling pics are wonderful!!!!
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Your babies are so cute!! Your Trent looks a lot like my Tomas. I just love the cuddling pics. What a prescious family you have!!

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TOO CUTE!!! Those snuggly pictures are FABULOUS, and Heidi, you really must send them (or at least one) to Caption This! Trent is adorable - (and I can see why you would love our Magic!) but Ophelia is absolutely beautiful. You sure deserve to be a proud mommy!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing - that was GREAT!

(Don't forget those cheesecake pics....)

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Oh Heidi they are absolutely adorable! I LOVE the snuggly pics...too cute! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos of your furbabies! :tounge2:
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Such wonderful pictures! I love those two snuggling up! Awwww!
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Oooh, snuggle pictures! I know I needed another reason to get Ivo a friend when I move to a bigger place.
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Oh they are soooo schweeeeeet!!! What gorgeous kitties and I agree, the snuggling pics are FAAAAABULOUS!!!!
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Ooooo such cute kittehs

/me steals them, mwahahahaha.
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I love the last 2 pics - they are so sweet together! They look very happy and they have such a loving mother!
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I've come to look at Trent and Ophelia's pics again today, and now the last one reminds me of siblings-you know, how your brother or sister would always push the line of good behavior to you set by your parents? I can hear Trent saying "But Mom, I might be lying all over her, but I'm not HURTING her!"
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Thanks everyone! I have loads of pics of them snuggling because they are so cute together. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

LOL Christy! That is probably what he was thinking! He pushes it all the time with us, and with Ophelia. It's funny though that Ophelia literally forces her way into snuggling with him. Most of the time he just sighs and accepts it, but sometimes he does stuff like that, laying on her head or grooming her the wrong way, just to irritate her. He knows better than to nip her to make her leave so he annoys her into leaving. LOL
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Great pictures. They're both beautiful and look really cute when they're cuddling together
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Trent and Ophelia are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the ones of them snuggling!
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