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What are your plans for Memorial Day?

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So...Our family is going camping with my in-laws and my DH's sister's family at the lake. It's our first camp out of the year and the first time that I've left my kitties for more than a day. My parent's live next door to us and so they'll be taking care of our menagerie while we're gone.
Anyone else have weekend plans???
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Me, my boyfriend, our roommate, my dad and some friends of the family--we are all going down to Puerto Penasco (rocky point) Mexico for the weekend!!
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We are going to my sons house in Birmingham, we are taking the camper as we didn't have no place for Opie to go, so he is going with us. So is my daughter and her husband.

I think we are gonna boil some shrimp too.
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We got married on Memorial Day weekend four years ago. For every anniversary, my gift to DH has been to get tickets to a baseball game in a different city. (He wants to see every major league park in his lifetime.) So Saturday we're headed up to Milwaukee for the weekend, and we've got tickets for the Brewer's game on Monday.
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Not much in the way of plans here. BF has to work most of the weekend so won't be doing a lot. Saturday morning is my volunteer time at the shelter

We're probably going to go see the new Pirates movie on Saturday night, then Monday is my birthday so we'll be having cake and presents (or at least we better be or someone is in trouble! )
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Well, no fun stuff here Have to work Monday and have tons of homework. Do have a birthday party on Sunday for my nephew who is turning 11
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John bought some volkswagen wheels on ebay so we have to go over to Cincinnati and pick those up. That's about all we've got planned.
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Finally! A holiday I am actually off work!! I hope to grill out and drink some beer.
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Have fun camping!

We are going to my in-laws and to the beach on Sunday. It will be a much needed relaxing weekend!
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I'm off on sunday (as usual) and am working on Monday. No holiday pay, on this job - I'll get 12 hours of PTO, for working a holiday.
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I have to work
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I am also going to a baseball game in Milwaukee on Monday. I will be at the game in my Braves gear rooting for my Braves.
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Don't really have any plans. Have to wait and see what my Mom and sister, who has Monday off, want to do.
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No major plans here. We are helping my brother and his wife move this weekend and they are moving to my home town where my dad is buried, so will get to go visit his grave site this weekend. Other than that not much going on!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday!!!
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Well we are hoping that my moms home by then And well we are just going to sit her and take care of her I am going crazy because shes in the hospital and I am home, if it wasnt for the kitties and the dogs than I would have probly stayed there the whole time with her (my dad got the dogs covered but is clueless on kitties But our memorial day just consists of sitting around and taking care of her!
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