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SCARED! Which one do I get????

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I do NOT want to use anything related to Diamond, Menu, AN...AT ALL. And I want Ash's food to be grain-free. Problem is, I am having a SERIOUSLY difficult finding BOTH together in my area.

Merrick isn't around here....have to go to Detroit (over an hour away) for it.

Evangers has to be special ordered by the store and BY the case (one flavor only).

I am terrified to use Evo (we use it dry) canned because of the whole Menu thing. Same thing with Wellness..even though neither have had recalls. Being made by the same unethical company is enough to turn me off.

WHAT TO DO!!!!! Ashie has to have canned for her meds to be put in it....she is on Cosequin and it REALLY has helped her behavior.

Any input/suggestions for me?????

I've gone through this list: http://www.thepetfoodlist.com/

But not everything states if it is grain-free.

*SNIFF* I am not trying to beat a dead horse (for a lack of a better term)....but we are all nerved up over this!
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Meow mix??


By nature

Avo derm(? dont think any was recalled thou Menu makes a few flavors

Wellness( Gave a great answer as they employ there own person at the menu plant )

Innova( evo cal natural also ) says they will have there own plant

Nutro is now in house but will be hard to find till production is back up
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Have you tried a Pet Supplies Plus store?

We have on here in Jackson, MI, (which is 30 miles away from you), and they do carry Merrick.

You could also consider ordering online which is what I have done with the higher quality foods often in the past. I am happy to say that our Pet Supplies Plus has expanded their inventory to include many of the higher qualilty foods now.
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You can get a couple flavors of Evangers in single cans from Phydeaux

They aren't grain free tho. Pheadeux has a link for "100% meat" but there isn't anything listed. They do say they have products that aren't on the web site, so you could call them too see if they have anything else. They're very prompt with shipping too. I don't know if any of the Evangers are totally grain free, though.

I started feeding Evangers for the same reason, I didn't want to have anything to do with any company who used Menu. My cats like all the flavors I've given them so far (Organic Chicken, Organic Turkey, Holistic Pheasant, Fish, Fish and Caviar. They licked up the sauce from the mackerel, but then one of them threw up, so I won't give them any more of that. I ordered cases of each kind (except mackerel) - some from the company and some from PetFoodDirect, and it's not bad since i can get 2 meals for each of them from one can.
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Have you checked into Felidae? It's made at Evanger's plants, but it seems to be more readily available. They have a Chicken and Rice flavor and a Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish flavor. Unfortunately, Odo won't eat the Chicken and Rice variety, and I've been avoiding fish due to his apparent sensitivity to it, but it might be worth trying with Ash. Their website is www.canidae.com.
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