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Poor Reeses...spent most of the week in hiding

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I feel bad for Reeses. I think I posted before how she gets scared really easily and if there is even a strange person outside, she'll run and hide. Well this week we had alot of work done at the house. I had an irrigation system put in, my driveway redone (which is still going on) and had a piece of siding replaced (put the grill too close to the house...woops). So with all the comotion and noise outside and her just knowing that someone strange is here, for about 98% of the day she is in hiding.

Poor kitty
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Ohhhh, I hope everything gets back to normal pretty quick so that way Reeses can feel comfortable again.... I'm glad my PHX is pretty open around strangers... but I understand not all cats are...
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Aww bless her heart. I bet she is scared!! Ya will have to give her some extra lovin's!!
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Poor baby girl ........... try to keep her confined to just one room where she can feel more secure and turn on the TV/radio to help drown out any outside noise.
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Awww...poor Reeses. are you giving her catnip before you two leave in the morning?
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Awww poor girl. I hope your driveway is done soon so Reeses can get back to being her lovable self.
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Poor Reeses...I think she's going to need lots of hugs and catnip and treats to help her get over it.
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Oh poor baby! Mooch and Noodles just stoped hiding from my FIL's visit. They say to tell Reeces they are sorry thoes strange people keep coming around her house!
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Poor girl. It is always awful when our kids get stressed and won't come out of hiding. {{{Calming vibes}}} for little Reeses!
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~Hey Puddin took this pic for Reeses! Said to say "I LUVVVV YOU"~

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aww, i can understand, when i had 2 new windows put in , heyu would not get off my lap,, all she did was sit there cry, at the top of her lungs, she just hated people being in the hosue, and all loud noise
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Poor Reeses! Sending get-rid-of-scary-workers-soon vibes to her! Sounds like you have a lot going on at your house.
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Awwwwww that poor baby.I hope all is well now and she is ok.
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Poor Kitty. Just try and give her some extra loving and eventually all the noise will stop and she'll be back to normal!
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