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More Dover NH photos

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This judge was fabulous!

So, as you can see, after taking 20 photos, only a half dozen came out. I shall try to better next time!
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I'm assuming there were no Ocicats there?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I'm assuming there were no Ocicats there?
It looks like there were supposed to be some, but I think that from the reserved spaces that were unoccupied, breeders didn't show up. One breeder told me that she decides at the last minute which show to go to - I guess that makes sense. Also, I did have a hard time taking photos when the cats were in the ring. Some of the judges were so darn fast that by the time I got my camera ready, they had moved on.
I am not sure if there are any local Ocicat breeders, either. There are alot of Bengal breeders though - but none at the show that I saw.
I will be going to the Bedford, NH shoe in July and will try to do better. This time I will go alone, so I can spend more time wandering around.
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If it was a CFA show, then there would be no Bengals.

I know some "campaigners" do enter more then one show on the same weekend, then decide which one to go to...IMO its a waste of money but I suppose if you are campaigning, you have the money to waste
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