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Female Cat Spraying??? Erm...sorta.

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Hello all,

It has been a long time since I posted, but I have recently started havinga perplexing problem with my dear Marbles.

Ok, so here is the story, about two monts ago, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, as is per usual my cat Marbles followed me into the bathroom, she was weaving in and out of my legs and before to long I noticed a wetness on my leg. I was very confused, and not really sure what had happened. I managed to reason it away with the reasoning of the sleepy and confused and went back to bed. In fact at the time I didn't even connect it to the cat. She was standing for heavens sake and it was on my leg slightly lower than my knee.

Skip to a month ago, same situation, I went into the bathroom, and Marbles came with me. I suddenly feel wetness on my leg and notice that Marbles is well positioned to be the source of said wetness, I actually smelled the wetness and sure enough it is pee. I was needless to say, confused. Again, she was standing there looking up at me with her 'Mommy please pet me' look.

I called my vet and they said get a urine sample, which at the time came back clear. I took better notice of my litter boxes (I have two) and cleaned them out real well. They eat Nutro Natural Care Weight Management, and have had prior UTI issues, so are also drinking distilled water.

So, this week, I actually catch Marbles in the act, I watched her walk into the bathroom with me, start weaving in between my legs, stop, her little tail started twitching, and she literally sprayed my leg with pee. I was flabbergasted. I have never ever seen a female cat do this. This morning, she tried to do it again, but this time I grabbed her (which produced the 'Hey! I am busy doing something I shouldn't squak') and thrust her into a litter box, where she did actually pee.

I talked to the vet and she seems as confused as I am, we have an appointment on June 2, and I have to bring a urine sample with me. In the meantime I am watching her like a hawk. I have blacklit the house and haven't found any other spots she may have done this.

Have any of you ever heard of such a thing?

BTW, they are both 5 years old, and this is certainly a very new behavior.

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Yes, females can and do spray.
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This is a bit different! Where is the litter box/ boxes? Some cats seem to have an undeniable connection to the bathroom, as well as follow their human companions use of! It sounds bizarre but I have only been a proud member of TCS for almost 3 years and have read several threads about peoples cats peeing in their bathroom sinks or tubs.....our last kitty, Sweety, had a habit of holding it in till Eric would use the bathroom, litter box was also in there. She would take longer then him sometimes in the bathroom! Although nothing like that ever happened, even in her last years! Maybe putting a litter box in the bathroom so you can place her in there if you are using it may be easier.......best wishes.......
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Yes, they do know what the bathroom's for and maybe she was trying to 'share' in.. sisterhood? This is why cats are incredible!
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Thanks ladies (and possibly gents).

To answer the question posed, both of their litter boxes are in the bathroom, so they know that is where 'business' is to take place.

Since the last incident, when I go into the bathroom and she follows me I nudge her toward the litter box before I take care of my own business. She gives me a look, but goes in anyhow. And if she comes in after, I use the Mommy 'No', then tell her to get into the litter box. Oddly enough, she has actually been doing so, but looks a little harassed when I tell her no. I feel bad, but I can't deal with her spraying me, and I don't want this to become a habit, sisterhood (hehe) or no. This method seems to be working, and checking the house with the black light every couple days has not revealed any spraying on the walls or furniture, so hopefully she was only spraying me.

They have a vet appointment Saturday morning for their yearly checkups, I will talk more to the vet about the issue and report back if she gives me further advice.

Once again, thanks.
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