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Hello! Some of you know me, some of you don't...

I'm Ali, and I have 2 kitties, Spidey and Poppy. I recently added a baby Dane boy, Parker, to the family. He looks a lot like Bella's baby pics, although more masculine LOL.
I'll post some pics soon, I am in the midst of holiday cleaning and expecting a guest, but I wanted to say hi!
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Haven't seen you around in quite some time. Welcome back.
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Welcome back, ali. It's good to see you. You've got a ton of new members to get to know!
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Welcome back Ali, can't wait to see pics of the pup!!! (aswel as the kitties of course!!!)
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Welcome back!
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Hi Ali!

Nice to see you here again! Hope all is well with you?
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Glad to have you back among us!
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Ok I'm dragging this thread back up LOL. I love to be welcomed back!

Here's my baby on Nov 19! He's about 13 weeks and 50 pounds now. I haven't gotten any of his new pics up yet, so busy with the holidays!
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And one more!

It's funny, that's Poppy, who likes to have nothing to do with Parker unless he is asleep. She'll sleep near him to be near me. She doesn't run from him, he is gentle but leaves her alone because she is boring. But she does sleep on his bed and on his toys which bigs Parker. He will sit and bark at her and she just sits there like, "Oh yeah, what'cha gonna do about it?".

Spidey will play with him, they chase each other around and sniff each other, but he never lies near Parker.

More baby pics here, I haven't updated it in a while though.
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I love his coloring! What a sweetheart! Danes are so much fun, loyal and goofy and loveable they make wonderful companions. Again- welcome back to the board- you were missed!
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Hi Ali!

Parker is adorable! (But then again, I'm obviously partial to danes, especially fawn ones) Can't wait till you update his pics.

Thanks for directing me to this site. The information in the threads is great, and I love showing off pics of Bella and my new kitty together!
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Oh he's just sooo gorgeous!! I WANT ONE!!!!
One day, when we move to a farm... I'm going to have more kitties, more collies, a Dane, a Leo, a Berner, a Newfie and any other BIG dog I can think of!! :laughing:
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hi, I'm fairly new to this site too, but welcome back anyway! I absolutely love your Dane. How has your Poppy adapted to have a dog in the house? I'm thinking of getting one sometime but worry that Tigger will go berserk if another animal comes in this house. I can just see it now "THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT! I'M OUTTA HERE"
I'm sure Roo would just love to have another buddy to play with though.
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Well I was pretty sure that neither kitty had ever seen a dog at all. So I think that helped, they had no prior biases LOL.
And I made sure Parker came from a breeder with cats. She has 5 cats plus a raccoon, so Parker does not think of the kitties as prey.

It also helps that he started out small and is getting bigger gradually. And he sleeps a lot! I don't think they would like a more active dog or one that had a prey drive!
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