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strange behaviour

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Ebony's kittens were born on 9th May, Amber's on the 14th. Ebony has always been happy to have her kittens in the box at the side of the fireplace, yet during Amber's kittens' first night she took hers behind the sofa, since then Amber's box of kittens has been behind the sofa. This morning however she started taking them out and putting them on the floor at the side (I wouldnt mind but she doesnt put them back again). Then later on my daughter found Ebony and her kittens also all on the floor behind the sofa nex to Amber's. Eventually Ebony's kittens were all put back and she's been ok with them in the box again, but Amber seemed to have totally gone off the box idea so I've had to put a blanket all the way across the floor behind the sofa.
I do have a travelcot I was reserving for when they're a little older and we have to leave them alone, do you think it wise to put both mums and all kitties in there now? Ebony seems to want to mother Amber's kittens if Amber isn't around but Amber hasn't bothered with Ebony's
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I think it would be wise to seperate both families and confine them to a small room or large dog crate until the babies are older.

Good luck!

P.S. Don't forget to keep them in until the moms can be spayed and there won't be any more unnecessary litters!
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~I agree with Jen. NoNo gave birth in the top level of one of our cat tree's which was not a good idea for fear the babies would fall out...but I guess the smell is there from where she gave birth and she kept moving the babies BACK to the top...I moved them to the box more times than I can count. So finally I put them in the sunroom..without ANY cat tree's and put a box in there with blankets. She finally left them in the box...although the last few weeks they have been all over the sunroom and out of their box exploring!~ I would put each mom in a large crate or seperate room with their own babies.~
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