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any advice?

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I need advice on how to litter train the kittens they are 5wks old on monday the 28 and are starting to poop on the floor I put a litter box down for them and had to take it up because they ate the litter....
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Give them normal clay litter, NON CLUMPING. It is normal for kittens to eat the litter. They will, over time, eat less & poo/pee more in the box.
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Do these kittens have a mother? If so, she will teach them as they watch her use the pan. If not, put a shallow cake pan and put non-clumping litter in it. If they don't use it, take a little bit of toilet paper and clean up the pee and put it in the litter - so they will be attracted to it.

You'll have to confine the kittens in the bathroom till they get the hang of using the pan.
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~What I did for my youngins was put a shallow pan in the room with them...in which I have a corner of the room babygated off where they stay...and I put them in the pan....took their paws and scratched at the litter. At first they played in it...dug it and slung it...ate it...put their toys in it...but finally once ONE of them did go in the litter...the others smelled it and they started going there too...They were using the litter box at around 3-4 weeks old...on their own~
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