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Do your cats do this?

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So last night we let the girls stay in our room all night. They were unusually well behaved. Well Phantom loves to snuggle. She tries to lay right on my face. So gets pushed off a lot so she has learned to "sneak". Its so hard for me not to laugh when she does it. I will be laying on my side and she will put one paw slowly ontop of me and then look to see if I am watching. Then she will put the other on on me and drape herself 1/2 over me. Then she looks to see if I am looking at her or if I have woken up. Then she pulls herself completely over me and gets in my face and starts her engine. The girl purrs louder than a big cat!! All the while she is watching me to see if I am awake!
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Ha! Bless her heart, what a sweet kitty! I've had that happen with kittens, but never a grown-up cat. Don't worry, though -- I'm sure she's not actually trying to smother you...
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Got to love the sneak attack. Cats can certain have patience for something they want.
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Bayley does that! He's a complete snuggler too.... I adore it
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Tiger does that. he's my cuddle bug. Miagi will do that sometimes but he isn't as cuddly as Tiger.
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Starting around 3 or 4 am DH will be laying on his side and Molly lay on his shoulder. First the purr starts and then she slowly reaches out to his face with one paw and almost touches him. She retreats just before DH wipes his face from the fur that was tickling him. Then she tries it again. After about times of "I'm not touching you" game she leans in for kisses on the lips. Eventually DH rolls her off and she walks behind his head to lick his hair. Again she is moved and then she climbs back up to meow until he finally gets up to feed them. This is their routine every morning. Occasionally when I go to bed at 2am she will start them. I lay there silently giggling. It's just so darn cute!
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Bob does this only with less sneak. He walks right up, rubs his head on your face and kneads the pillow while purring as loud as a freight train until he has dominated at least half of my pillow.

Then once he gets his fill of love he heads on down to sleep between daddys feet.

I forgot to mention that this happens sometime between 3am and 4am almost every morning.
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Mooch likes to lay on my chest right up against my face, but she doesn't sneak about it at all! I can push her off and she'll come right back purring. I like the sweet sneaky method a bit more I think!
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aww, that's love
Stan has recently found this spot up behind my top pillow and the headboard. He mushes himself in there until he knows I'm asleep and then he moves down around my head. It's kind of sucky to wake up with fur in your nose, but I love that he wants to snuggle. Sometimes I wake up because there's a wet nose rubbing on my forehead and someone left his motor running
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I just talked to lee and he compares her purr to that of a running tractor!
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