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Bump on the head

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This Morning when i went to clean the kittens eyes, i noticed a bump on Andy's head. it felt really swollen.. I was guessing it was a bump from hitting his head since they play all over my room.. and they also attack eachother.. If anyone could tell me if it otherwise i'd really appreciate it.. thank you.
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It might be an abcess. Is it kinda squishy? Can you see a little scab or something on it?
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No it's not squishy it's hard... Almost like those bad ingrown Pimples.. Nothing squishy
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It still might be an abcess. One of my old dogs had one between his toes that was hard. Can you see any scabs? Even the tiniest one? Its not very likely that he got a bump from hitting his head on something. My kittens are always nmot watching what they are doing and crashing head first into walls and other very hard things and they have never had a bump from it.
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There is no scab not even the tinest lttle spec of a scab.. I would take a picture but it was have to be shaved the area to be seen.. so i'm not sure.
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