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7 weeks and counting

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Well I know I offended a lot of you when I said my husband wouldn't let me keep the kittens past 7 weeks. Well, we're going away for the weekend and by the time we get home they'll be 8 weeks! I have someone house sitting so there will be someone here the whole time. I told my husband to give me 2 more weeks, whick would make them 10 weeks, what most of you suggested.
One kitty is going with me to my best friend. They have been wanting a kitten for a very long time but haven't as they wanted it to be from someone they knew. I will be staying with her and helping her adjust. They only have a hamster, so no other animals to worry about and this will be a very good home. I was hoping to give them away in pairs, but i couldn't pass this opportunity up.
I'm being very selective in who I will give the kittens to. I have invested too much time, heart and money into them. They are my babies, I have to protect them.
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I'd love for my husband to make me ask permission for anything. Marriages are give and take, both ways. Thinsg like this make me sad, and happy that I have such a great guy.
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~I have been married 12 years and COUNTING (feels like 60) and first thing I came to understand is you will have issues haha! You cannot expect for everything to be agreed upon fairly and equally. My husband is NOT an animal person. He had a German Shepherd named Starsky for 5 years and he got hit by a car...never again did he get a new animal. He didnt want to lose another pal! So when we married I quickly let him know animals are my PASSION! He is highly allergic to cats AND dogs but has stood by my for the most part. While I pay $150.00 a month for his Allegra haha he puts up with my having some very BIG dogs around most of the time. He did draw the line when I had 2 Rotties that took over our bed and would growl at him when he came home from work trying to SNEAK into the bed with me. He said HIM or the DOGS! Well after splitting up 6 months I realized that I had probably not made the smartest choice haha! SO I placed the rescues into another foster home which was IDEAL for them...My dads..who lives out in the country...and he ended up adopting Kujo and Malachi for GOOD!~

~Thank goodness he gave you a couple more weeks. I know how strong minded some men can be. Im glad he caved in for the extra time. They really need it! Good luck and congrads on a battle won....now for the NEXT battle dont expect to be so lucky haha~
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