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Blood in Pee

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One of our kitties has been peeing in odd places the past week or so. At first I thought it was a dissagreement with my mom's cat. My mom lives upstairs and her cat pretty much stays up there with her but one of ours had started going up there and my mom would say that cat pee'd on her bed. I didn't ever see the pee myself.

Then mom says "your cat bled on my floor" and I grab my cat and I'm looking her over and she's not bleeding anywhere. I didn't understand she meant her PEE had blood in it. So today poor Tag pee'd on the table and FINALLY I see and there is a lot of blood. I freaked out a bit and called the vet right away. My mom says "yeah I told you a few days ago she bled on my floor" But..But.. a little more info next time please!!

So I need some moral support, if anyones willing. I'll update after the vet visit (not till 5:40 because my husbands at work).

Thanks for reading!
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You have moral support from Beandip and I...we've been there.

A urinary tract infection and/or "crystals" in the urine will cause that. You did the right thing calling the vet! It's painful for the cat, and that's why they look elsewhere to pee (they see litterbox = pain).

Hopefully Tag will be on the road to recovery real soon.

Please keep us updated.
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Sounds like Tag has an infection and hoping he feels better soon.
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Just got home from the vet. She tried to get pee and couldn't but she said she thought she felt something so she did an ultrasound... the ultrasound had a shadow so she did an x ray and there was no stone on that. This all happened very fast (she didn't charge us for the US or x ray) but she said she believes it's a UTI. She put Tag on Clavomax.

From what I'm reading UTI cats should be on at least a partially wet diet? If there is something we can do for her besides the meds I'd like to try.

Thanks for the support
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Wet food is ideal for cats with urinary problems because it gets more water into their systems, so they can flush out any bacteria and soothe the inflammation in the bladder. Kitty water fountains are also often helpful, as they get the cat to drink more water.
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I understand what you are going through. Two of my boys- Kolohe and Eric- had crystals earlier this year.

Yes, wet food is preferable for any cat, especially one with urinary tract issues. It helps to keep the pee moving through their system reducing the chance of bacterial infections and crystals. Here's a link to a great web site about cat nutrition in general and specific information about urinary tract problems.

Here's another good article about FLUTD and preventing future problems.

Good luck to you and Tag. I hope the medications work and he is feeling better soon. Hugs to all.
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It it is just a urinary tract infection, some anti b + the blue pill(help him to hold on better) will do the job within a week. I know because my cat have the exact some thing 2 weeks ago and scare the heck out of me. Nothing to worry about, good luck.
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Just wanted to update...

Tag is a girl, by the way Hubby named her after his grandmas dog.

We were on the last day of the clavomax and she actually pee'd on my husband when he was giving her a dose and it was still very bloody. I called the vet and she had us come pick up 7 doses of baytril (once a day pill). She says if this does not work Tag will have to come in for another attempt at getting urine and stay till they can get one.

We bought her Wellness can food and she will hardly eat it... in fact no one really likes it all that much. I'm going to try a different brand this week.
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Awww... poor thing! I hope Tag gets well very soon! Also, try a name brand cat food, like Friskies or Fancy Feast, maybe she'll try that. It amazes me how cats are so individual, stubborn, quirky, picky and demanding!
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Originally Posted by KuntryKitty View Post
Awww... poor thing! I hope Tag gets well very soon! Also, try a name brand cat food, like Friskies or Fancy Feast, maybe she'll try that. It amazes me how cats are so individual, stubborn, quirky, picky and demanding!
Friskies and Fancy Feast are really not very good foods - like feeding your kids McDonalds for every meal - junk food.

Sharky has listed on several threads some of the better foods. It really will depend on what your cat prefers, i.e., my cats will not eat any pate type food as they prefer gravy type foods.

I feed them Merrick's Granny's Pot Pie and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. They won't touch any of the other Merrick flavours. This isn't an inexpensive food but generally if you are feeding a better quality food they need less to get their proper nutrition and will actually eat less so it evens out in the long-term.

I've been trying to find other wet foods that I can change around with just in case there is a day I can't get the Merrick flavour they like. The closest I came was the Performatrin wet Chicken. It has the same consistency as the Merrick and contains good ingredients.
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I'm thinking about changing to Serengeti dry.

I got the Wellness because it was the only only one the petstore had (that I knew was a good food) in a BIG can! I felt bad getting something special just for Tag so I wanted enough for everyone. I feed them about a half can (all 6 together) and they all walk away and leave food.
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Try to stay away from dry foods. It's important that she get as much moisture as possible.

My cats like Natural Balance canned food. Other good foods are Innova, EVO, Avoderm, Felidae, Merrick or Evangers. I'm sure others can suggest different foods to try. You may have to keep trying until you find one that Tag will like.

Good luck to you and Tag. I hope she is feeling better soon.
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Sorry I just meant as a dry food for all the cats, not that I wouldn't be giving wet.
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So it happened again. She pee'd on a piece of paper and there was more blood. We took her back in and she got a steroid shot... thursday before last and we took her in today for another pee test to see if it's better. The vet said her pee was almost ALL BLOOD and if anything its worse than last time. Nine days between tests.

So her pee was sent out for a lab test to see what it's sensative to.

We are so upset! The vet asked where she was spayed and it made us wonder if this has been something on-going that we just didn't know about! Our poor sweetie
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I'm so sorry to hear that Tag is still having problems. Has the vet done blood work? That might show if there is an elevated WBC or problems other than with her urinary tract.

I know you said she had an ultra sound and X-rays. Did anything show up on those tests?

I know how upset and frustrated you must be. And poor Tag is probably not feeling well. Hugs and positive vibes to all of you.
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