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Last week Gary caught another cat (surprise, surprise). (Although this one he didn't have to trap. Just put food in the crate and closed the door....)

Turns out she's a 5ish month old kitty, and of course, we took her in to have her spayed, dewormed, get shots, etc. - She's the noisiest kitty we've ever taken in! Anyway, during the operation, the Vet saw she only has one kidney - apparently a genetic mutation around here. We couldn't bring her "home" until Monday because it was so wicked cold and raining - and we never re-release them in the rain if it's only been a day or two after being spayed. So the poor thing was traumatized at the hospital - there for 5 or six days.

When we released her, she bolted. I always get so scared they won't come back. (The mom of Lazlo and Shelly never did. Good thing we waited until the kittens were FOR SURE 12 weeks old, old enough for the ones we didn't bring inside to be without mum).

But she turned up again today! She's so sweet, she stuck around for pets after eating (which usually takes at least weeks to happen). Gary was so happy to see her back, and feels it's kind of a miracle that she's alive and healthy with one kidney... We were watching them all eat, and I said, you know, we need to name her.... and he looked over at me and said "Thanksgiving."

I'm terrible at pics, and this one DEFINITELY won't be used to help get her adopted, but I just ran outside and took one. She's actually a beautiful black, tan and white kitty. Of course, she's talking! (She's not hissing).

Hi Thanksgiving! (Tuxedo - Shelly's brother is in the background)
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...I just noticed - she's got the same "eye make-up" as Munchie! I wonder if they're from the same litter...
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Aw! Thanksgiving is very pretty! I love pics of talking kitties. I think they are so cute when they meow. I'm glad she came back. I'm sure she talked with the other kitties and they told her that you were good people to hang out with.
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Aww what a cutie! That name is perfect for that kitty - Im sure she is grateful for everything you did for her!
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Laurie, she looks like a realy personality already. Thanksgiving is a great name, very apt and timely.

I hope she sticks around for a long time to come - and maybe you'll get her a real home one day where she can be warm and loved.

Good luck with the new addition!
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Aww Laurie!! She's a cutie!!! Gary is just a sucker for cute kitties now eh??

I also love pics of "talking" kitties... heres one of Merle moaning at me for food :laughing:

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Wow, Thanksgiving is such a beautiful little girl! Talking cats are wonderful-my family has always had them, and I'm not sure I could adjust to having a quiet one.

About the one kidney-is the vet concerned? I know that humans can survive with one kidney easily and with no ill effects (several of my friends through the years had a kidney removed, and you'd never know by their appearance). I wish I lived closer to you guys-I'd snatch her up in a minute (which reminds me-how is Samoa's adoption going? A friend expressed interest in taking him, but needed some details).

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What a beautiful cat! She looks so much like one of my cats who disappeared awhile back...except mine was already spayed! Don't think she could travel that far anyway! I am hoping she comes home soon. Thanks for the pictures! I love her name, too!!!
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Debby, I hope your kitty comes home soon! It's getting cold out there....

Rhea - Merle is so cute! Looks like an opera singer or something in that pic!!

Christy - looks like Samoa is going to his forever home - hopefully this weekend. Whenever the couple gets back from Thanksgiving holiday. If for any reason it doesn't work out, I will certainly be in touch.

Here's another pic of Thanksgiving. Not flattering, but you can see how pretty her coat is. She's already such a love and it's just been a couple of days! But boy is she bossy - she's being fed alone up on the table this time because she's been pushing all the other kitties out of the way - LOL!
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What a cute picture! She IS very pretty!!!
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She looks like she's smiling for the camera - How cute. Great eyeliner, too!!

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What a beautiful coat she has! She is a real doll.
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Now if only we can find her a home... The shortest waiting time to get a cat or kitten into a no-kill shelter around here is four months. We went ahead and got on all the lists.

We ALMOST had someone adopt Spooky this weekend, but then they decided they wanted an all black female (sorry Magic (male)!). At least they adopted from a shelter. I was tempted to say "Well, now Spooky has just 3 months and 28 days to go..." but I held my tounge and sent kitty wings anyway. I want her to think of us if they want to adopt another one...or if any of their friends or co-workers do. !!

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