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Love this place.

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I've been coming here on and off for a few months and recently started coming in everyday and I must say I love it It's so nice being able to talk to people as dotty about cats as me. My family do like cats but they aren't like me, I would do anything for Suki, I'd sell my soul for her if I had to.

Some people don't understand why I love her so much, I just look into her eyes and melt. Her little nose is beautiful and just typing this makes me blub, lol. Eek according to some people men aren't ment to cry, pfft stuff that, if I wanna blub I'll blub

I'm so glad I found this place and I really appreciate your support and comments
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Awwwww...BuNN! Same here, I love it.

I've only been here a few months myself but I'm sure most would agree your liked as much as you like this site!

Even with your weird accent and expressions!

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I gotta go with you on that. Ive always had cats all my life and I cannot imagine my life without one! I, like you, only came in here at first just to look up info about my cat, and then I discovered the other forums and I was hooked, there are some wonderful people here that I feel comfy and to be able to send a joke to. I have trust issues with a lot of people and this is one of those places when I can come in and feel comfortable talking. I have yet to see another site just like this one and I love ya'll!

I, too would sell my soul for the precious Peedoodle! I remember when I was a kid, I had this cat named Buffy, she was a mean thing but I loved her to bits. She lived to be 16 years old but had to be put to sleep because of failing kidneys and nose cancer. I miss her but I think of the funny things she did, they always made me laugh. She had this thing for tomatoes, and if she saw one, she would attack it and there would be tomato carcass all over the kitchen. My parent's kitchen counter was white and I think they still have the tomato stains stuck there! SHe also would greet me every morning by hiding behind my door and attacking my legs, every single morning without fail. Bless her kitty soul!

On an unrelated note, I noticed you are from Manchester. Are you a fan of Manchester United? When I was back home in New Zealand, I would support Manchester United while most of my friends were for Liverpool. LOL, they are not as football crazy over here in the states as they are in the UK.(oops should I say soccer!)
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I feel exactly the same way! I have a spouse at least who understands my cat crazies, but unfortunately not my cat site crazies!

Bunn - I am also glad you are visiting more - your posts add so much (mostly fun) to this site!
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I wouldn't even HAVE cats if it weren't for TCS! Our Booger cat (Maine Coon Stray) turned up - and Gary HATED cats. But the stray cats around here were pulling garbage out of the cans and leaving it everywhere... he decided it was worth feeding her to stop the garbage problem - and hey - she might catch mice (we hadn't had a problem here, but preventive maintenance is always good!). I fell in love with her - and of course after the first snow she "moved in." Took her to the Vet, got her shots and spayed, bought her a bed... etc. etc. etc.

But I didn't discover TCS until the kittens turned up in our yard.... And I didn't know if we should feed them or not. So I found this place (the feral forum) - and asked! Of course I got a resounding FEED THEM! And more and more and more turned up...

To make a long story short, we adopted two from that litter. We're trying to find homes for the rest...and of course more turned up. Gary has fallen in love with our kitties, and has literally become an expert trapper. We've had so many cats spayed/neutered, and we now care for whoever comes and goes...

And the best part about it all is that I found TCS too! We have this incredible family inside now (with our little Munchkin girl recently come inside )...and I have found what for me has been a truly wonderful place - fun and sad - basically just full of life and supporting, caring, wonderful people - all of YOU!

And, of course, the moderators, who make it happen. THANK YOU ANNE AND ALL OF THE TCS MOD SQUAD!!!!!!!

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As you can see from the number of posts I have, I completely agree with you all! I tried joining another site and while the people were nice for the most part, it just didn't have that cozy feel like here. Someone said that when they come here it's like sitting around drinking coffee (or tea or whatever) with a bunch of friends and chatting. That pretty much nailed it on the head.

I'm glad you are visiting with us more, too, BuNN. We don't have that many guys who hang out with us Crazy Cat Ladies, and you fit in here great! It's also nice to get that male perspective and keep us in check sometime! LOL Blub all you want about your precious Suki - we love it!!! It gives us a chance to blub about our furry loves, too.

Kellye, your story about Buffy and the tomatoes cracked me up! :laughing2: Quite the hunter, wasn't she?
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Y'all are a good bunch of humans. As far as loving cats, I agree. To illustrate, back when I was married, my husband promised me a kitten for my birthday. One day, a friend of ours was bragging that since she and her husband were married, he bought her a total of 27 diamonds. I retorted, "so what, I'm getting a kitty."

Have a safe and happy holiday! Be back on Monday.

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Firstly - Russian Blue. You think his expressions are weird? I live in the same COUNTRY and I think they're weird!!! (LOL - only joking BuNN, mate . . .)

But seriously, it is a great place full of lovely people who also happen to love cats.

I feel very at home here, and would find it difficult not to visit at least once a day.

BuNN - your humour has been a real breath of fresh air for me - I love cynical and sarky humour and most of your posts make me smile, I don't get enouhg of that kind of humour sat in my top room working away on my own these days. I also think your love for Suki shines through. This is really admirable in a bloke - most of whom are loath to show their feelings.

Top marks mister!!
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Obviously, I'm a fan of this joint with my 2-year anniversary right around the corner. I don't get to post as much as I used to. Some of us have jobs where they barely get to sit at the desk all day, much less surf the web. This year, the computer in my office is so old that I more want to throw it against the wall than anything. Anyway, I do read the Lounge most evenings, and often I am buried over in Caption This keeping it up to date. (Hmm, let's see, that's the 3rd time I have brought up that forum today.....What is my problem?)

BuNN~ the male perspective is always welcome. I have noticed you hanging around more lately. Yay!
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Heidi - oh yea, Buffy was quite a hunter! She used to bring home seagulls and leave them on the doorstep or even bring them inside! One time she caught a water rat, those big ugly things that you find around the river. She never ceased to amaze me, seemed like everything she caught was bigger than her, but she was one hell of a tough cat.
If anyone has read Footrot Flats, Buffy was just like Horse in the comic, looked the same and was just as tough LOL

I am laughing, just thinking about her.
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Here is Horse from Footrot Flats for those who don't know.
He is just exactly what Buffy was like!
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I too love this place! (I know, no one is surprised). The eclectic group that gathers, the knowledge and laughter that results sustains me daily. Nice to see new people joining all the time and discovering the riches found here.

Quite honestly if it weren't for those of you who chattered in my ear about what a good writer I am, I would of never dared to enter some competitions, much less join a Cat Writers Group! So thank you all!

It is nice to have a place where there is support and caring. This place has it all. I look for bigger and better things out of these forums in the coming year- and I have an inside scoop on that!

And Rockcat, I loved your comments!

Deb it is always nice to see you surface. You are doing a great job in Caption This even if you barely come up for air anymore.

Happy Turkey Day........
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totally agree with you ...

no one i know understands how much i love cats. it may be wierd, but i just look at ed when he i curled up by my feet and wonder if it's possible to really love so much a cat or whether i am losing my mind. he is just so precious with his moods. one minute he is too royal for me to bother, then he's a mad killer on the loose, then he's throwing his arms around my legs to get me to pet him. (how do they do that anyway?) he's like a kid to me. my husband admits he just doesn't get it. i'm glad you all do.

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This site is the best thing to happen to me since I got my two furbabies. My friends at home think I'm crazy because I have a website for my cats, but everyone here just oohs and ahhs at the pictures along with me! I can tell people here about my crazy cat antics and you understand them! I'm proud to have friends like you all!
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TCS is the best thing that has happened in my life since I met Mike and became Jedi's slave! :tounge2:

I try to catch up in the lounge every night, but sometimes life DOES get in the way and I may have to miss a day or 2 here and there...

It is so wonderful to have a place to share our love of the kitty-kits in our lives, share problems and always get the best advice, voice our opinions about what others share with us, and just plain old chit chat and silly stuff!

I feel like I have made so many wonderful friends here and I truly do care about each and every one of you!

Thanks so much to Anne and all the members of the MOD SQUAD (I LOVE that name you guys!!) who make this place the truly wonderful site that it is...
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Me too! I love this place. This is the one site that stays open on my computer at work almost all day. It's where I come for breaks, for support, for laughs, for tears. A lot of my friends are animal crazy, but there is nothing like a group of crazy cat lovers!
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Hey. I reckon cyberhugs all around!
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Chalk me up as another one who loves this place!! I spend pretty much all day every day here!!! :laughing: (I have a boring job..:laughing2) I couldn't get through the looong weeks without checking in here to gibber away with everyone

And BuNN... you are SUCH a spammer!! - THATS why you're hanging around more.... to get your spam count up!!! Well, you'll never beat me... so naaah :tounge2: Seriously though, its great to have you around more!!!
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Spammer? Me? Surely thou jest! Um okay I spam, my post count on another forum a year old is now approaching 3000.

Yeah I love this place, means so much to me that people love cats as much as me. I actually gave up watching Pet Rescue etc because I just explode into tears, LOL! Funny how I never cry when I have a tooth pulled :P

Thanx for the kind comments
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Ahhh, it doesn't matter, we love ya with or without spam.... :laughing: I can't watch Pet Rescue anymore either... not because I cry (though sometimes it has been known), but because I phone up for almost every single animal they show!!
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Add me to the list of The Cat Site Lover!! I'm here so often its pathetic!! For the past 19 months I've made so many wonderful friends here and even though we've had our fair share of bickering at times, I love everyone here ( and yes I mean everyone ) because everyone has different backgrounds, lifestyles, opinion, and its what makes this world go round!!

Yay for TCS!!!!!
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BuNN..just read this...and I have to say we love having you here, too!!! It is great to have some men on here to give their point of view on things!! And who says men aren't supposed to cry? I think it takes a real man to show his emotions!!

I love all of you here, too!!! I would go crazy without this place to come to, and I have so many friends here!!!!! You all are wonderful!!!!!
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