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our little breeder to be from the litter :)

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Our little tortie tabby point

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I have a really stupid question, can you actually see the calico tabby markings on the skin??

*boofs head on desk* lol
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mostly seen on legs and hindlegs
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Ahh okey dokey. Sphynx kitties have always fascinated me. I've never seen one irl ever!! What does their skin feel like to touch?

I love those blue eyes btw
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feels like a warm peach to the touch basicly Wonderful to pet.
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she's so beautiful! I'm sure she'll produce some gorgeous kittens!
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I just discovered how you can tell the "color" of sphynx (at the last cat show) - on the nose is a bit of fur with the color. Was asking how to tell white from cream - breeder told me look at the nose - the white ones had a tiny bit of white fur.

And yes you can tell calico/bicolor/tabby from the markings on the body - skin is usually black/pink, or blue/pink with patches. Kinda weird looking sometimes.

I've felt them - they are much warmer/hotter to the touch then ordinary cats (I think body temp is 2-3 degrees warmer). Kinda like a suede feeling to the skin. You either like the touch or you don't
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What a face! She is just gorgeous. I just love the expression and her eyes!
I had the pleasure of meeting 3 sphpynx at the Dover cat show and they were amazing! I am still trying to up load the photos, but will post, eventually!
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omg those eyes are stunning! And what a little super model?!
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WOw..those are some gorgeous eyes
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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
Our little tortie tabby point

I am in LOVE with her!!!
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I can't say that I have ever seen a naked cat and said "oh it's so cute," but I actually thought that when I saw the picture. What a pretty cat you have!!!! I LOVE her eyes!!!!!
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OMG she's cute, what a sweetie
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I must be honest in saying I usually do not think a hairless cat is at all cute.. but this particular one is!

The first thing I actually noticed were those lovely blue eyes.. WOW!
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She's gorgeous...
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She is a GORGEOUS girl! I cant wait to see her offspring, too!
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When I saw this pic all I could say was omg look at those eyes!! a very pretty kitty!!!!!
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Wow, she's stunning!
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I had the pleasure of seeing and petting a sphynx last Saturday. It was at a pet costume contest for Alien Daze festival. I was very smitten. He was such a mellow kitty amid all the PA's, dogs, and crowd. I loved his eyes, he looked me straight back in the eye and I kinda, sorta fell in love! He was so soft and I wanted to snuggle with him, but his mommy wasn't letting go!

You're little girl is beautiful! Lucky you!
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I have a Sphynx! That kitty is just GORGEOUS! Totally in love
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