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Happy Birthday 22Angel!

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Hope you day if full of happiness and fun!

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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday 22Angel!!
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They say it's your Birthday!! Well, its my birthday too yah!

Ok, it isn't, but you get the point .

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LOL you nearly got a PM wishing you happy birthday

Happy Birthday Angel, where ever you are
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Thanks guys! That's so sweet! I haven't ever gotten a pm on here, so if anyone does do a pm to me...keep that in mind! I was so impressed today! I actually got my b-day presents (on time! usually I have to wait until Christmas or later, cuz my birthday and Christmas are so close together, so you know 2 in 1, why not??) and I got a cell phone just in case kind of emergency thing, but it's great! I can't wait to figure it all out! And my sister and her boyfriend gave me some really huge coffee cups, and 2 candle holders, and then my brother and his girlfriend are going to give me something on saturday. And my grandma even called on the right day!! lol Usually she forgets which day it's on and ends up calling me on her anniversary (her and my grandfather were married on the 29th, and she can never remember which day my birthday is on! lol) The day wasn't that exciting bummer. Oh well, my mom mad ham and scalloped potatoes and my sister made a cake for me and everyone actually came for supper! It was great! Then we watched Monsters Inc for a bit. It was really nice! Thanks again everyone!!! You guys are great!
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