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'Coons are Hungry Too!

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I heard one of the alley cats begging for food. So I went out an refilled their dishes. My cat Mixi was still sitting at the window a good time later so I went and looked out on my porch and this is what I saw!!!

BTW, does anyone know of a low cost or TNR service in the Milwaukee, WI area for the alley cats?
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eheh cute. we hvae some around my house also,
i should try and get a pic
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Awwww! So sute. I love coons...just don't want them near my house. I had one that was visiting for a little while and eating the cat food left out for the strays.
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I'll move this to the cats and other animals forum
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My aunt feeds around 40 cats on her farm, they are all fixed and current on shots and some of them are friendly. And the cats share there food with a racoon and a nightly opposums that stop by. I walked out of their house one night and he was there and I nearly had a heartattack, I didnt expect to see that at all.
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It's cute, but boy...racoons can eat A LOT of cat food. And they're smart too. One night I lost all the cat food in my garage to one (or two). After they finished what was in the bowls...they found the bag on a shelf - opened it and finished it.
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Those little scavengers..I don't blame them...having food sitting around that they don't have to work for

They are very cute
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Just think of him as another stray. I love raccoons!
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Aww! So cute.
But I hate raccoons. A pack of them killed my beloved, but that is such a cute pic.
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aww they are adorable creatures, alas I'll never see a wild one, so thanks for posting the photo - if anyone else gets photos, please feel free to show them
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what a beauty!!!
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