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Need help giving Buddy Clavamox

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Buddy has a bad gum infection and I've been trying to give him Clavamox. Buddy is usually a quite laid back cat but lately he just goes feral on me when I try to give him any medication. The only way I can hold him is to get down on my knees and hold him between my legs. But when I try to get his mouth open he starts twisting and turning and he digs his claws into me and it hurts so bad I have to let him go. I also have a broken foot, a bad back and I'm half blind which dosen't help.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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Two things you could try. (assuming it's liquid form)

The easiest, mixing it into some wet food. Downside, b/c he's already got gum problems, your vet probably told you to lay off the wet food.

The second, is what I do a lot of the time. Sit on the ground, and get kitty into a position with his but at your chest. Lean over and kind of "head lock" with one arm, or hold his head. With your other hand get the syringe at the side of his mouth and shoot. Sometimes you have to wiggle the tip in to get him to open his mouth.

One thing I've seen some do with ferrel kitties is (requires 2 people) is one person scruff their neck like a kitten while also supporting kitties hind legs so all the pressure isn't on his neck and another person squirt the medicine in. This is fairly traumatic though but it keeps them still. Some wrap kitty up in a towel, but I never had luck with that fine art.
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Are you giving the Clavamox in pill form? If so, I would suggest Pill Pockets. These are a squishy cat treat with a hole for inserting a pill. A Clavamox pill fits perfectly. Offer it to your cat as a treat and watch him eat his pill. Pill Pockets are available at most pet stores.

Good luck medicating Buddy.
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Since the gentle way is not working, you will need to be more forceful.

Put him on the kitchen counter or somewhere above waist level. Shake the bottle and have the correct amount sucked up into the dropper......

If you are right handed, scruff his neck with your left hand, pulling him up and back away from you so he is resting on his back legs but leaning back a bit.

With your right hand, put the dropper into the left side of his mouth - force it in between his teeth and aim back toward the side and squeeze 2-3 times.

The key is to be as quick as possible and not make a big deal out of it. they might be mad after, but they get over it quick and if you catch them offguard it works better with cats like that. Don't worry - you won't hurt him.

Good luck!
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I've heard that clavamox has a sweet taste that cats hate. I had to give it to Cindy once, and while I didn't have any problems giving it to her, it caused her to have diarrhea and stomach upsets (not eating). The vet switched her medicine to a pill (not clavamox, a different antibiotic), and I was able to crush it up and mix it in her food.

I also completely understand the problems you're having getting Buddy to take the medicine. Swanie is the same, and I haven't successfully found a way to give him med except to mix it in food, and that doesn't always work. All of the methods recommended are good ones .. if you can get your cat to cooperate The vet demonstrated for me to walk up to your cat from behind, throw a towel on him, and then drop to your knees with him between your knees. She demonstarted on a very docile cat who did nothing more than say "Meow!" Swanie is off and running before the towel gets near him. If I do get the towel over him, he's gone before I can get to my knees (I'm not as young and spry as the vet). He twists, squirms, hisses, bites if he has to. They sure don't make it easy, do they

Good luck with Buddy!
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Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
The vet demonstrated for me to walk up to your cat from behind, throw a towel on him, and then drop to your knees with him between your knees. She demonstarted on a very docile cat who did nothing more than say "Meow!"
LOL Sorry, that was funny! That's how Beandip acts. And it's a little wimpy 'meow' too. Like "ok, are you done yet?".

Everyone gave you good suggestions. I don't think I saw this mentioned. Is it liquid? If so, his mouth doesn't need to be open. There is a gap behind their canine tooth on each side. You can gently prod with the dropper and when you feel that gap, slip the dropper in and squirt.

Personally I find it much more difficult to administer liquids but others prefer them over pills. The form that works for you is the best one!! With antibiotics, there's almost always an alternative (pills vs. liquid). For my very difficult cranky cat, I resorted to injections - which was easier than anything (with a helping hand at least ) It just depends on the cat.

And here's a second vote for Pill Pockets!!
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
And here's a second vote for Pill Pockets!!
Just wanted to mention that my vet sells another variety of treats that you can hide pills in (I've forgotten the name). If you try the pill pockets and they don't work, try asking the vet if they have an alternative. (FWIW, neither of mine will eat either variety with or without pills).
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Yes, my cat wouldn't go near the Pill Pockets either... and that was before I even put a pill in. He doesn't like strong smelling food, so that was probably it.

However, I had some luck with giving Clavamox tucked into a regular soft treat. You can cut the pill into smaller pieces and put them in multiple treats if need be. Depending on the individual cat, you might also try putting it into wet food, peanut butter, cheese or tuna fish. Giving medication in treats/food is the most desirable option, since it's easy for you and makes the cat happy instead of pissed off... but that option doesn't always work.

Because of your back and foot, it sounds like you may need to use the towel. Is there anyone who could help you give the medicine? As a last resort, you could take the cat for the vet daily to have them do it; of course, that's a pain, but a course of Clavamox doesn't last all that long.
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Hi everyone and thanks for all your help. The Clavamox is in liquid form and and even if they were in pill form Buddy would not eat the pill pockets. The vet changed his medication that only needs to be giving once a day and I have to thake him to the vet everyday so the vet can give it to him. I just gave up trying to do it.

I did use the pill pockets on one of my cats last December and they probably saved his life. He has Felv and had a bad gum infection. It was totally impossible for me to give him any medication and also almost impossible to catch him to get him in a carrier to take to the vet every day. So the vet gave me some pill pockests and he ate them. However I have 5 other cats and they won't touch them.
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 What a bout drops can  this be put on  his food ?

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