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Clipping paws

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I want to clip my kittens little razor blades,she has me all marked up and likes to bite which i dont mind but those little razors hurt,is there a safe way to do so without hurting her? thx
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Just get cat clippers at the pet store. I coo and talk positively to my cat while they are being done and it works until I get to the last paw, it is then that she starts to squirm because it is just uncomfortable. Cutting cat's nails is not painful...just be careful to do the very ends of them and not get to the quick...that is not only painful but dangerous as it can allow bacteria to get in there.
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If you have not done it beofre and are uncomfortable, maybe pay your vet or groomer to do it the first time and have them show you how, so you can do it on your own from then on.

Good luck!
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I think you'll find she scratches you less as she gets older. Also, be careful how you play with her and let her know when she's hurting you. When I first got the cats, Swanie was a young guy (not a kitten), and I made some mistakes while playing with him. We both learned pretty quickly, and I haven't had a mark on me in ages (and I don't clip).
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I'm one who rarely clips. But, since your kitten is very young now is a good time to start. My vet clips the kittens claws when they get their shots. Maybe see if you can get a demonstration, like techiegirl said.

Personally I prefer human nail clippers (good sharp ones!)...but that's just me. With those, I turn them sideways so I can get a good clean cut in the right spot.

She will probably squirm like crazy the first time you try. Tell yourself that you can do it. If you get it done successfully and quickly, she will learn that it's painless and quick, and that it doesn't pay to squirm.
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I clip nails on kittens starting at 3 weeks old. When they are small, its easier to use the normal human fingernail clippers (small) till they are big enough to do it with cat clippers. The scissor type works best IMO.

Teach your kitten to sit in your lap (back to your stomach) and hold still while clipping. I know the really little ones are best done by laying them flat instead of on their back. Just nip the tip off for the time being.

Also establish a routine of clipping/checking nails at least once a week. Handle her feet/toes without clippers when she's relaxed and in your lap.
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