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Rib recipes?

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I just bought some side ribs on sale. Anyone have any good recipes? Preferably for the BBQ.
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I don't have any recipes (i use mixes or just go out for ribs when i crave them- memphis is the home of awesome bbq!!) BUT i LOVE Muddy ribs- they haev dry and wet sauce on them and taste incredable!!! You should try a wet sauce and dry rub on them!!!
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None here.

BUUUUUUTT my friend's husband found some apple/vinegar syrum that he sprays on the ribs while they're cooking to keep them moist. I don't know what's involved, but I'm sure you can google it.
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I've had a few compliments on my ribs so I'll share.

Place about 1 cup store-bought BBQ sauce for chicken or ribs (I use Heintz).
Place in a small saucepan. Add: a couple shakes of Tobasco sauce, about 1/2 cup ketchup, a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce and finally about 1 tbsp. butter. Heat to melt. After the ribs are thoroughly cooked (in the oven at 350 with about 1 cup water and covered) so that they are tender and ready to fall off the bone, take the lid off the roaster, coat them generously with the sauce and continue cooking for about a half hour uncovered. They are delicious.

I usually cook the ribs at least 2 hours or more - I like the meat to fall off the bone when I go to eat them.

My daughter's Italian boyfriend had never had ribs before and he loved them.
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Or if you prefer to BBQ...

Place aluminum drip pan on coals under grill racks, with enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, plus some fruit juice of your choice -- my preference is apple. Heat BBQ on high for 5 minutes. Turn heat to low. Arrange ribs on racks, close cover and let cook for 90 minutes (give or take), checking the level of the liquid fairly frequently and topping up as necessary. Turn ribs every 15 minutes or so. Toward the end of the cooking time (15-30 minutes from the end), turn the ribs over and apply a very liberal coating of your favourite BBQ sauce all over. Turn once more just before they're done.

My BBQ sauce follows:

A simple, basic barbecue sauce. These proportions are approximate, so feel free to adjust to taste.

1 cup\tTomato ketchup
2-4 T\tSoy Sauce
2-4 T\tWorcestershire sauce
2 cloves fresh Garlic, pressed or chopped fine*
1-2 t\tgrated fresh ginger*

Mix first three ingredients together. Taste for balance and adjust. [I prefer to have the tomato in the background, and a nip from the Worcestershire just showing. See what you like.] When you're satisfied with the basic flavour, add garlic and ginger, and stir.

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My slight variation to Rapunzel's recipe:

Optional: If you can find apple wood, soak that wood in water for about 30 minutes and stick it in the coals to give off an apple flavor during the cook. Otherwise the apple juice in the drip pan can work.

I'll apply a good rib seasoning rub a few hours before I throw them on the grill. Something with salt, paprika, pepper, perhaps mustard, etc. If you are using wood to flavor, dribble on some turbinaro sugar (brown raw sugar) to ward off the bite from the wood smoke.

I keep the grill at 350 degrees F (sorry, don't know celcius conversion) and cook them for about 90 minutes then wrap them in foil, then cook for about an hour longer. I then unwrap them, slather them in bbq sauce and cook for about 20-30 minutes longer prior to serving. If you aren't ready to serve them, wrap them in heavy duty foil, then in towels and throw them in a cooler (without ice) for up to 2 hours. True BBQ ribs get more tender when you do this.

If you want them slow cooked, I can give that recipe but it will require you to keep a steady temperature of 220 F for about 6 hours. I'm from KC, another capital city for BBQ and have my own smoker to slow cook ribs (yummy!)
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My recipe for Passion Fruit Rib or Chicken Glaze is really yummy.
1/2 can of concentrated passion fruit juice
1 cup BBQ sauce
chopped garlic about 3 cloves
dash of franks hot sauce
salt and pepper
Mix everything together and glaze the ribs about 10 minutes before they are done. You have to keep and eye on them and turn quite often as they will burn quickly if not watched.
The perfect combination of spicey sweet and sour..
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I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you!
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You can have my ribs! They just get annoying being in the way all the time!
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