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Neko fat?

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Every body keeps saying Neko is fat and well they might be right. I can't really feel his ribs and he has that flab under his stomach. It could also be we are all comparing him to Willie but Willie is more modern Siamese and Neko is more traditional. So does he look fat and if he is how bad?

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He doesn't look overweight to me. He visibly dips in at the waist in the picture taken from above and his muscles look 'well defined'.

ALL mature cats but especially males get a bit of a fat pad on their lower abdomen unless they are malnourished - it is natural protection for their vulnerable intestines in the event of territorial fighting (as is in their nature), so do not worry if that is the only fat he has. From those pictures he looks like a strong healthy cat.
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I knew I called it man flub for a reason People always asked me why I called it that and i said it is because it seems that all male cats i see have it and most females have a very small one.
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He's a gorgeous cat btw... you can really see the muscles in his hindquarters and around his shoulders. To my eye, he looks in great shape. A proper 'house tiger'
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hehe thanks!
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Epona already said everything I would have, only much better.

He looks great to me.
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IMO he looks in proportion from the pictures. How much does he weigh? He looks about 12 lbs to me
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10 pounds last time I checked, he's not too big. I'm actually worried his brother is not growing, he's only 6 pounds at 10 months.
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