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Kitten having trouble breathing......

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My 2 and 1/2 month little kitten is having trouble breathing. She sounds like an adult with a very very bad cold. Wheezing and snorting. No discharge from nose or eyes. She did have an upper respertory infection before we picked her up from the shelter three weeks ago. That was cleared. She has had one vet visit as a check after the shelter and passed, but did have some of this problem. Sunday I took her back to the vet because it seems to be worse. I fear she has something bad and will die. She sounds like a straw with water in it when trying to breath. The doctor said that infections take a while to clear up.... thats the first dr.. Sundays doctor said it could be herpies and put her on enisyl-f which she loves. I hope its not herpies because I have another cat in the house. I just doubt the herpies because there is no discharge at all from the eyes or nose. What could this be....? I am scared... I do not want to loose this little girl.... but I can hear her suffering. She eats normal, drinks water, goes the bathroom, and runs around the house at breakneck speeds. Already broke to flower pots... normal kitten stuff... Please, any ideas I want this little girl to live. She has another appointment with the vet next Friday for vaccinations... I called the vet again today and he said do not dwell on the herpies thing... it probably is because of the infection she had..... what can I do........
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I am going to request the vet take one more look at her today. My wife and I spoke last night and have decided to take her to the shelter we got her at. She will need constant care, we think. We do not want her to die while we are not home and hope a family with someone home all day will take her and care for her. She is such a doll. It just bothers me so much her breathing noises.
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Can you keep her/? How contagious to your other cat is the herpes thing?
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First of all, you must take her back to the vet and INSIST they do a thorough check up. Sounds like her URI didn't clear totally. Those things can be nasty buggers and take more than a month to clear up. Stress only aggravates the condition, and a new environment is a stressful situation for any cat.

In the meantime, continue giving her the Enisyl. If you run out, go to Wal-Mart and get L-Lysine tablets and crush them up in some wet food for her. (Enisyl is L-Lysine in a paste form. Buying the tablets is much less expensive than buying the stuff in the gun/tube thing from the vet.) Also, set up a vaporizer for her and confine her to one room. If you don't have a vaporizer, get the bathroom nice and steamy and sit in there with her until the steam dissipates. Make sure she's eating and drinking and I think you'll be okay.

BTW, herpes in a kitty isn't a death sentence and it's very manageable with Lysine given daily and keeping stressors to a minimum.

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She is breathing in with her nose, and it sounds like a stuffed pipe... loud.. she breaths out of her mouth because you can see the mouth opening on the sides when the air comes out. I went to the MSPCA today and they told me to be persistant with the vet. I called the vet today and could not get in until tomorrow.. I am so scared. Now she is licking her nose too. She still has pleanty of energy, eating, drinking and bathroom. I took today off just to be with her and she is sitting with me right now.
All I can keep thinking is breathing like this must be such a strain on this little body and it must hurt. I called the vet back and stressed...if there are any cancellations today... I am there.
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