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What would you do ?

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Okay my phone company sent me a bill for $128 which is way above my normal and they said its cause I made changes to my bill well I have till today to pay it. And if I don't I loose my dial up. But I live with my dad and he has a phone so I don't really have to have a phone. And what I thought about doing was going ahead and getting satalite internet because this is so slow that half the time my internet explorer doesn't work and when it does it messes up and its not my computer its the dial up cause its been that way since I had my old computer.
The only thing about getting the satalite internet, its the only high speed availiable out here, is that when the house is done we will have to move it ourself, which I am not looking forward to. Cause its not through my actual satalite company its through like a sister company or something like that. But they are just now starting on the basement so it might be a little while cause dad is doing most of the building himself.
So should I simply just turn the phone and internet off for now or what because I really don't like at&t and that's what just joined up with bell south and around here even if you use a different company you pay more cause you have to pay them to use their phone lines.
And I also think its a good idea to have a phone in my name but at the same time right now my money is stretched tight anyway.
And the satalite internet would be cheaper in the long run.
So any ideas?
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Wow, that seems really complicated to me.... If I were you I would just stick with the current company for now... that way your not having to switch back and forth. But it's really up to you Good luck!
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I would stick with the current company. I've recently found out that satelite companies "cap" their download speeds, so that means if you exceed the allowed amount of download megabytes allowed to you, that your speed slows down considerably....to dial up speed or even less. Plus it's mega expensive to set up. Here is what a friend has to say about one such satelite internet experience:

I am livid. Found out tonight that I can only download 500 mb per day. I paid $800 for the sat and another $300 for an additional sat for small business account. No one said a word about this until now...even though I specifically asked if there was a limit and if I should get the larger sat with the extension. Calling the attorney general tomorrow to complain. Can't even get a copy of the contract that I'm under because they changed it the 7th of this month. If you're thinking of going Hughes net buyer beware. Calling an attorney to see what my options are. Have two downloadable cd's from Digital Tutors that I can't get unless I pay extra to have them shipped to me because apparently they exceed the download size. In this day and age of buying programs on the net I just don't see how they can limit a business account to this amount per day. Sorry, just had to vent or I would scream and wake the neighbors.
Call your phone company and make payment arrangements. Pay 75% now and then the balance another day.

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Directv offers internet, but it works with Earthlink, WildBlue, and several others. It is not actually satellite internet, and neither is Dish. They work the same way. Directv has actual satellite internet, but I think the startup costs are pretty expensive. I think it is called Wi-Fi.
The also offer a little gadget called Sat-Go that goes anywhere with you, has a build in satellite dish, you can get satellite tv and internet. They are advertising a lot to sports fans for tailgating, campers, and parents. It is about $1400.
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