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search box function issue

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When I go to use the search function at the top of the page it gets blocked by the banner add. It seems like the layering is messed up. I am unable to use the search because of this. Can it be fixed?


I have just tried it on a few more pages and it seems like it only happens with certain adds. So its not horrable just annoying.
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All I can suggest at this point is to refresh or go to a different page on the site.
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I have the same problem sometimes... not often but occasionally. Where I'll try to get into the vbPlaza Menu and the menu drop down actually goes BEHIND the ad... so i end up clicking on the ad? I guess it's the same principle as using the search button...???
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Yes it happens with any of the drop down menus with certain adverts.
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Why!?!!!??!?!?!?!?! Lol!
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I guess some of the ads just work differently.

Perhaps if you can tell the admins what advert does it something may be able to be done, but the ads change randomly so it probably wont help too much
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that's happened to me a few times but I either exit out of the site for a minute and come back or refresh the page and it works.
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