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5 little girls all might have homes!!

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Well, my grandma, and neighbor were talking about my sister's computer, and then my grandma asked my neighbor if he wanted a cat. He said, yes!! He said he would take the 5 girls!! He said he would also take the two mothers! Because he wants some mousers for his shed, so he would be keeping them in the shed, but I believe, this is a red light! They would have heat in there in the winter. Because he cares about animals, and I don't know about food.. But these cats, need to go to people who want to love them as a pet. I may allow him to take one. But not all of them.. They would all be mousers. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but he does have a dog, Jack Russell. I don't know if I should do this or not.. Help? Red lights are on here, should I trust my instincts?? Thank you for reading! Mika would go crazy in a shed!! Because she is an indoor, and outdoor cat. (I let her sneak in) lol He has money to do all the spays, I know this, because he has lots of nice things. lol And their shots, which I am sure he would probably keep them vaccinated, since they would be mousers. I would hope so though.. Should I trust my instincts on this one? And not let him have this many.. I don't know what to do!
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I've worked in animal adoptions for awhile now and I learned long ago to always trust my first instinct. If a home didn't feel right to me, I wouldn't let the animal go there. When I worked for the animal shelter, and I'd get a bad "vibe" about an adopter, it usually ended up that the animal was either brought back to us, abused, neglected, or found as a stray once again.
There was someone supposed to adopt one of the kittens I have now, but when they came to visit I just had a really bad feeling. I have since lined up a different home for that kitten.
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IMO ANYONE that offers to take ALL the cats and kittens doesn't have GOOD intentions. I would be very cautious and its red flags to me. Especially since this guy doesn't mention about spaying/neutering, the cats would be outside all the time, you don't know what food he's feeding. And he has a JRT.

Excuse me but the JRT was bred as a ratter and I've heard from JRT owners that you should not let them be trusted around cats - they might be fine for years, then one day the JRT snaps and the cat is dead.

I don't like the sound of this guy's "proposal" - who knows what he really plans.

Hold on to them and find other homes - just tell him you have some interested people (even if its a white lie right now) and you'll let him know if any are left.

BTW just cause he has money and nice things doesn't mean he will spend it on spaying/neutering and shots!
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I would not give them to him. Mostly because he wants ALL of them. Also the fact that they will be living in a barn, I have heard many people do not feed barn cats because they want them to eat the mice. plus if he has a JRT why not just let him do the job? That is what they were bred for after all.
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I dont think this is a good idea at all. I dont think that any of them should go there. One, they would nnot be pets, but workers/slaves. It just doesnt sound like a good idea IMO. Also, I myself own a Jack Russel Terrier. They are not good around cats. My Luke, happens to love Kalli, but hate Keisha. But I wouldn't trust him alone with either of him. Because its in his nature, hes a hunting dog.
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just because he has a lot of nice things doesn't mean he is going to spay all these kittens and their moms. Please, finally do some justice for these cats and find them all homes where they will be loved and taken care of INDOORS.
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I think he's all talk, no walk. It just seems "too good to be true". Especially, many farmers want mousers, so they just won't feed them. Trust me, I've been there before. And I know you wouldn't ever want that for any of these guys!
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No one needs that many barn cats. We have a family farm with two farm houses, 2 barns, and a shed. There's one cat. She's indoor/outdoor, and she takes care of the rodent problems on all that property.

For a while, there were two cats, but that was only because people drop off pets out in the country. The second cat got rehomed with another family that needed a barn cat, and it's also indoor/outdoor. We have another family member that has 3 barn cats, but those cats were kept because the mother really loves cats. Again, all are indoor/outdoor.

A good barn cat is a loved pet. They catch mice for fun, but they are fed well, fixed, vaccinated, and have a warm home to go to on cold nights. If he's not doing this for the cats, then I wouldn't give them over.

Red flags...
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When we lived on the farm, DH only wanted a total of 5 adult cats. They only came inside to the porch when it was bitter cold - otherwise they had plenty of places to keep warm in the barn. All of them hunted mice/rodents, etc.

But they also were all fed dry food, plenty of fresh water and were all neutered/spayed/shots.
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We have 7 farm cats now(lost one-see my siggy). They are all fixed & vetted. They are free-fed dry & get some wet, too. They don't hunt nice, but they're lazy cats to start with!
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