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Squirrel Repellants?

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I FINALLY managed to get to planting my flower garden and pots (that I've been trying to get to for three years). I finished it all up on Monday...then came home last night to find that the squirrels dug up my baby plants!

Now, I love squirrels. I think they're adorable with their little mousey faces and big bushy tails. We have many of them that live in or hang out in our yard, and I love to sit and watch them. I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt them, but I also don't want them digging up my flowers!

Does anybody know of any way to convince the squirrels to keep out of my flowers without hurting either them or the flowers?
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I have tons of squirrels in my garden! You should distract them with something else really yummy...like peanuts. Set up little piles of nut a couple of metres away from your flowers in a big circle. They will much rather a tasty snack that flowers. It worked with me so it's worth a try!
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Actually, I do feed them. I have a big old bucket of peanuts and corn and sunflower seeds for them. They're burying it all in my flower garden and potted plants. (Maybe they're just trying to grow more...maybe I have farmer squirrels. )
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we have a chipmunk that eats holes in our tomatoes evey year we have tried soap, salt, chicken wire, they get through anything. And we live in an Apple orchard you would think they would have plenty to eat!? If you find somthing that works please let me know
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I'm sure there are these things that you can buy, every time a squirrel walks past it makes a high pitched noise, it doesn't hurt them, just makes them jump. Or you could just let them run free and start a little farm!
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Brush your hair and brush your cats, clean the brushes, and rub your hair all over the garden (should blend in... not look like tumbleweeds of hair!)

If the squirrels are still afraid of people, they won't go near it. Most squirrels are still afraid of cats, and won't go near it (the smell of your old hair makes it smell like your 'den')

Works on possums, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, etc etc.

And definitely doesn't hurt anything!
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This sounds really stupid but it works, little plastic snakes
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
This sounds really stupid but it works, little plastic snakes
Those little rubber snakes work wonders in a garden of any kind! You can put them in fruit trees to keep the birds away to.
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I've heard sprinkling cayenne pepper can work as a deterrent. Just replace it after rainfall.
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