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Limping Kitten

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I have 7 almost 4 week old kittens in one litter outside (4 are fostered) they live outside in a tiny, tiny stable, one has started limping badly, it's a rear leg, and the kitty has it tucked up, it meows sometimes when you touch it but it doesn't seem to be in pain, what can I do?
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If it meows when you touch it,then it is probably in pain! You really need to take it to the vet. If it has a broken or dislocated leg,it could be crippled for life. With it being so young,a simple splint could take care of it,but only after a vet has checked for fractures.
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Thanks for the advice, but overnight the kitten died. It's not fair. My cat Tiger gave birth to 5 kittens, when I found them, there was one already dead, after 2 weeks, one got half-eaten by an owl, and now this one. 2 out of 5 survive.
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Sorry to hear about your babies, i hope that the last two stay strong
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Hi, the other two have grown fat and strong, I'm keeping one, she's called Roly-Poly because she's loves lying on her back and rolling around, she even used to suckle on her back! She's a real darling!
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