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From this morning, I think I spot a gray striped one in there?
Any way to tell if they'll have the persian type face that my mushy cat has?

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What cute little kittens. I think you might have two gray striped kittens. Jayce was really dark when he was little. He looked almost all black except for some faint striping on his head. Hes lightened up to be a brown tabby.
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Aww, they are just so sweet! I can't wait to watch them grow!!!
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Awww, they are all so cute. Congratulations!
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How cute!!!

Seeing kittens really makes me miss my Meish!!
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Thank you! I can't wait to watch them grow either. Boy, she wants nothing to do with dry food right now, and she is eating sooooo fast. She ate a 3oz can of wet food in about 1 minute and was looking for more. She's going to eat me out of house and home. hehe
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So cute! Especially the pics that show the tiny baby kitten feet. I love newborn kitten feet, they are so soft and smooth.
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Mom looks so content and happy! And I bet Grandma is happy too!
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They are really cute!
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What sweet little pink toes! Congratulations on the bundles of joy! I hope that you will share photos as they grow!
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oh heck, just look at those little cherubs and moma looks real contented too - give then all some little tummy rubs from us
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Big thanks to everyone! I'm going to post their one week pics up soon...since one week was yesterday.
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