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scared cat

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I bought this cat from a no kill place,She is now a year old I have had her 4 months and she still won"y let me pick her up, The only way I can touch her is if I lay on my bed then she will let me pet her and she will play by the hour, But the minute I sit up she is gone! She sleeps with me every night and when she eats she wants me to sit and pet her. She sneaks around and follows me all over the house and I talk to her ,but she will not let me touch her, She is such a sweet thing but I don't know how to gain her trust and I am 72 and have had cats all my life never have I seen one like her can someone please give me some advise?
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Its very possible this cat has had a lot of trama in her life before the shelter. Sometimes cats just don't become friendly no matter what you try. She could have been abused, she could have been a ferel cat.

A friend of mine rescued some kittens from being tortured by kids. The one little female was NEVER trusting of humans; her brothers came around and became much friendlier and able to handle. But even tho the female was in the house from that early age you could never touch her, pick her up and it was years before my friend could even get her in a carrier to be spayed. She would run and hide in fear.

Once in awhile if you were quiet she would approach you or sleep on the bed but the minute she saw your hands she was gone.

Very sad when this happens, but there is not a lot you can do. I hope your kitty will learn to trust, but you might have to accept the fact she will always be this way
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I have a ''princess' like that, only my husband can pet her, though she will come for a little attention if feeding time's near. I just figure she likes men (which is valid :-) and respect her feelings. Another female of the same breed was much different, so you can't predict who'll do what when - she might be more 'lappy' as she gets older.
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In general, the more gentle and patient you are, the more easily cats will trust you. I'm sure you are already being very gentle and patient though. It's a very good sign that you can pet her. I hope that someday she will let you pick her up and hold her. Thanks for taking care of her and loving her anyway.

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You might try a Feliway diffuser. That worked wonders for Cindy.
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Sounds like my Piccolino. He was a feral cat found at 6 or 8 weeks by the lady I adopted him from. He has been with us since mid-January and is about 10 months old now. At the beginning, you couldn't even get close to him. He would take off like lightning. Even if you were just walking by. Slowly he's become calmer. He loves to be brushed...When I have the brush, I'll sit on the couch and call him and he'll come running. I make him sit on my lap to be brushed and he does so willingly. I don't try to grab him and I can't make any sudden moves. I think the regular brushing has helped him too. I started that from the very beginning. Merlynn helped him learn how to get brushed by showing him how to jump on the couch and onto my lap.

After a while I'd notice little things...I could walk by and he wouldn't run. I could stand by him and he'd stay. I could even bend down to pet him ever so lightly and he'd stay. But I'd touch him just enough to make contact and then walk away so as not to make him feel crowded.

He makes funny noises when I pick him up and I can really only do it when he's on the couch with me or jumps up on the bed next to me or I sneak up on him...which I really hate to do, but when it's time for teeth brushing or anything that requires I get him and he's not cooperating, that's my last resort.

But he's been with us for 5 months and he's not totally comfortable just yet but his gradual improvements give me hope. And he is a really good kitty. Very sweet. Love to knead and purrs like a concrete mixer.

Good luck with your baby.
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