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Soft Claws

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I've been hearing about soft claws on here alot. I didn't no about them until I joined this site. I'd like 2 get mor info. on them and find out how much they cost. I'm thinking about fostering and my organization says they'll pay 4 medical needs... would that include soft claws???
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If you do a search on them on here, you should find alot of info. Mostly in the care and grooming section.
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I don't think Soft Paws come in as medically required. They do not inprove the health of the cat, they improve the owner's sanity by keeping the kitty from scratching up furniture. You can buy them at most pet stores here in canada they range between 20-30 dollars for a package. Check your local stores for them you also may want to ask some groomers about applying them or have them done by a professional the first time just so you know what your doing. If they are not an option for financial reasons try clipping your cats nails. I do my cat's nails about every 2 weeks and they have never damaged a piece of furniture.
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I'm afraid it will b too much $$$ cause of all de kitkats i'd b taking care of
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Jeffers offers them for $13 dollars a pack.
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I don't think they would constitute as a medical need, more of a luxury for you. I bought mine off ebay for $7 including shipping when I tried it. Enzo had them off in less than two weeks, he bit them off!!!! They are supposed to last for a good month though.

I just wish they made Soft Teeth for our six month old!!!!

Also, each pack has about 4 applications worth of claws, so in all reality they aren't too expensive if you don't buy them at a specialty store.
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