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OK, so the cats are not hunters...

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So this morning I went into the kitchen to make some coffee and as I walked past the garbage pail, I heard the bag crinkle. At first I thought there was a cat behind the pail... until I realized all three of them were at my feet. OMG what the heck was going on?! The bag was still crinkling like crazy... so (cautiously) I got a little closer and a HUGE tree frog leaps off the side of the pail and on to my wall! (like this one: http://ornae.com/images/fullsize/083frog.jpg )

Do the cats go after it? Nope. They just sat at my feet staring at me like "Ok mom, go get it!" Gee, thanks guys

It took a few minutes, but I carefully ushered my visitor into some tupperware and released him back outside. What a way to wake up!
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Reminds me of the time my mom was feeding the dog and somhow a mouse had gotten into the dogfood mom scooped it out and it got onto the counter. She ran into the living room grabed our cat (at the time) Smokey and put him down almost nose to nose with the mouse.
Smokey promptly meowed at her jumped off the counter back into the living room and fell asleep in his favorite chair. Mom turned so red I thought she would burst.
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Oh what good cats you have - they let YOU take the little visitor outdoors!
Could you imagine if they caught the little frog - ewwww!!!!blahhhh!!!!!gooey mess, not to mention a dead or maimed frog!
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OMG a mouse in the dog food! I think i would have passed out

But you're right.. that would have been a mess. Glad I didn't have to clean it up... but still would have been nice to see one of them try to 'save' mom
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lol! This sounds like my girl. She is shows off her awesome hunting skills on her toys but when it comes to something real, she is such a fraidy-cat!

That's okay, I love my little chicken-kit
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that's probably something my kitties would do
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haah reminds me of a cat a gf had once, when a mouse went accross the floor , the cat saw it, then headed off up to the second floor
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aww, they were letting you have the first go at it...
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