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Help with low cost Vet Care Okc Ok

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Hi, I am looking for help with finding low cost Vet care in Okc Ok as I am on a fixed income. My cat (Hey) is very sick and I think a doctor is needed. Any members from Okc Ok that can help me with these resources would be appreciated. My Email is
Tom Moore (Bricktowntom)

My first post as an introduction.
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CALL the local humane society or aspca

they usually have lists of lower cost vet s or way s of finding them
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Tom, I just read your introduction post, and what a wonderful story!

Cats are so smart, and they definitely choose their humans.

I'm so sorry your kitty is sick. Sending loads of healing vibes Hey's way.

As to a vet, there are a number of things you can do.

As Sharky suggested, you can call around to local shelters and explain the situation.

You can also call local vets to talk about pricing, special pricing for those with fixed incomes, or potentially a payment plan.

Our vet was aware of local funding for people with limited resources, and we were there with our kitties one day when they helped a woman get funding for her kitty to be catheterized because her male kitty's urethra was blocked - there may be other vets out there that know where to turn for help in situations like this.

Apart from the yellow pages, a GREAT place to help you look is this site:

I looked up a zipcode for Oklahoma City and plugged it in - if your zip isn't 73104, you can plug in the correct zip code and then click any of the buttons on the left - for a list of veterinarians, for a list of shelters/rescue organizations - and then let your fingers do the walking.

It may take a little work on your part, but don't give up. Vets are businesses, and shelters are in a way as well - but there are people out there that want to help when and if they can, it's just a matter of finding the right place.

Just remember - pets911 provides information for people with many types of animals, so just ignore the equine docs or the ferret rescues.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the comments, they are appreciated but I have good news I took Hey to the Neel Veterinary Hospital here in Okc Ok Dr. Brett J Boatsman DVM performed the procedure (very professional) I had visited this hospital with Hey about 2 yrs ago when I found blood in her urine and we got that cleared up with antibiotics. This time around and after posting my request for resources I decided to just pay out of pocket. I picked Hey up about 6:00 pm today after a procedure was done under anesthesia to clear a blocked urethra. Hey is resting quite well and recovering, but no more regular cat food. Now it is only A special diet by prescription only called urinary so 30 made by ROYAL CANIN to keep the crystals under control. Now this next part is mind blowing, today after having Hey for almost 3 yrs it was discovered that Hey is a neutered male and not a female. And to think all of the sweet nothings I have whispered in his ear. What a revelation!! What the heck, Hey is still Hey regardless of the gender. And now instead of her being a First Class Lady he is now a Gentleman with Class. These two bachelors will get along just fine.

Thanks for your kindness and consideration
Tom Moore (Bricktowntom)
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You are not alone! When the kittens turned up in our yard, we thought they were all girls. The first two we rescued and brought inside were boys. We found out because we took them to the vet before we brought them in. Had it not been for that, we could have been living with girls that were boys for some time!

I'm sure you'll adjust to Hey being a male just fine (though it does take a while to get used to the "new gender" ) . Hey will still be your pal - he can still be your sweetie, but perhaps not your sweetheart.

I'm so glad you decided to get him to the vet. I hope he's doing well!

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