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Need your advice

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I have a 3 years old female Persian cat: Ginger. I had breeded her twice befoe and she always has cute kittens. I keep now one of them. I know very well the manifestations of her heat season. I do not let her bread every season as advised before to keep her health well. The last season( 5 weeks ago), she went to a freind's house who owns a male persain healthy adult cat(mated before and had children). She stayed at that house for 5 days and I was assured by my freind that Ginger was OK. I was thinking that she is pregnant. I noticed that she started to show heat signs again? How can I be sure if she is pregnant or not? Should I show her to the Vet?
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Yes, Amany, I think if you are not sure, you should take Ginger to the vet just so that you know.
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If it has already been 5 weeks you should see some signs of pregnancy. The nipples being promonent is a good sign. Even if you dont think she is pregnant I would wait this heat cycle out and try again the next time she goes into heat.
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Thank you Denise and Yola. Yes her nipples are promonent. So I will wait.
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Let us know what the outcome is on you cats possiable pregnancy. I do have one cat myself that even when she is carrying four kittens she doesnt show until right before delivery. and I have heard of cats going into heat while prgnant.
Good luck!
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That is interesting. Yes Ginger always has a small abdomen. Who knows
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I agree with Denise. I used to breed Himalayans and if her nipples are promminent and deep pink or red she very well may be pregnant. If she does come back into heat I would wait untill her next heat to try again.

Hope all goes well.

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Thank you Kyttin. You are all very kind. I love being with you. Amany:egypt:
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