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7 wk. old kitten

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i'm hoping this is normal. i've had this kitten for about 3 weeks now and about 75% of the time she is attacking SOMETHING. i know she wants to play but when she's attacking my head at 3 in the morning then i've obviously gotta do something. she doesn't really use her claws its more of a bite. will she grow out of this or what's up?
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If you've had the kitten for 3 weeks and its now 7 weeks old, it was only 4 weeks when you got him. That is FAR too early to leave mom/siblings. They need to stay till 10 weeks so they learn how to play with siblings and other important social/behavioral issues.

The kitten is using YOU as the substitute. He may or may not grow out of it cause he was taken from mom so soon.
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yeah she was pitaful when i first got her, she had pink eye and an upper respretory infection. ever since she got better she's been crazy haha. i hope she grows out of it because she's finally getting old enough to wear it hurts pretty bad.
i appreciate the help
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Some kittens are biters you just have to teach them its not ok. You can try hissing at her any time she bites or scratches. Or put her down asnd ignore her every time she does it.
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