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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY 5-23

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Halfway to to weekend, and we have Monday off as well for Memorial Day!

Not much going on today, but the LOST finale is tonite so that will be exciting. Along with the finals for AI (GO JORDIN!)

Hope we don't need to participate on today's holiday, but I'm afraid we will as we age.

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I have already celebrated this holiday a few years back, and all I can say is "Thank goodness for bifocals"!!
I have family arriving tonight from St. Louis for the rest of the weekend!!! Yay!! Now I just have to work like a wild woman this morning to get my house ready..
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Where is everyone this morning?

So, nothing much going on here today....its going to be a beautiful day...sunny and high of 28!!
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just got in the door, with my post shift morning timmy's coffee, and boy is it going down good. Should be a wonderful day, high of 28, humidex of 32 (yuckkkkkk). But nice nonetheless. Not much going to happening here today, except pay day, paying bills, and getting cat food.
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Good morning

it's so early to be up. I got up at 7am instead of my usual 9-10am.

I'm off to meet with the employment agencies. I hope all goes well.

I have to leave around 8:30am (for a 10 min subway ride) even if my meeting is at 10am. The subway's on strike, so there's only service until 9am, and then again at 3:30pm. So I'll just find a nice coffee shop and read a little beforehand.

So that's it. Tonight will mean more drilling holes in those stupid rubbermaid containers. If only I had a drill....
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Afternoon It's a glorious day here today.

I'm going up to Gils on friday evening for the w/end so i'm packing tonight because i don't want to be flying around at the last minute
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Good day all! I am so tired I am shaking! I have maybe had 2 hours of sleep for 2 nights in a row. I feel like I can fall asleep at my desk!

Anyhoo, going to be a hot, humid day with a smog advisory in effect. It is a spare the air day, so people, if you don't have to drive, take bus, walk or bike!

Hopefully you all have a great day.
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good morning
just got home from work, sleeply, so going to crash early today
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Where is everyone today!? Well I slept in a bit longer today. I went to mom's yesterday to paint more. Can't wait for the Lost Finale!! Beautiful week so far. Even though it's in the high 70's the humidity is low enough that we don't need the a/c.

Have a good day everyone!
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Beautiful day here in Ontario. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Typical day planned for me. Heading off to work in about an hour. Up to my neck in Year End Inventory which has to be completed my May 31st. Getting there but as usual will be coming right down to the crunch not because of myself but because I am waiting on information from other people. Co-workers can be extremely annoying at times.
Am hoping to be home by 8 so I can do the BBQ thing tonight. I have some things in the fridge I really need to get used up.
The kitties are bird watching this morning and seem to be quite enjoying themselves/
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