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Greek stray cats and dogs: your help is needed: letter writing

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I got this in the mail today:
The Greek stray cats and dogs need your voice!

Dear Friends, dear animal lovers.

As you know, CIDAG (Coalition in Defense of Animals in Greece) is currently lobbying the Greek government to implement:
a nation-wide spay, neuter, vaccination, identification and release program for the many stray cats and dogs in this country
an educational program on responsible pet ownership; especially the necessity to spay/neuter privately owned pets by offering low cost spay/neuter programs, and
enforcement of existing animal protection laws.
For more information go to www.paw-europe.com/olympics.html and also check out our online petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/OG2004/petition.html

Help us by voicing your polite opinion to the following people! Let them know why you won't be visiting Greece or attending the Olympic Games in 2004. Let them know that it is totally unacceptable that a country which has been a member of the European Union since 1981, and receives 5 billion Euros annually from this institution, is still in the dark ages in the area of animal welfare. Please spread this email wide and far. If you wish to help us on our Global Action day and/or collect signatures for us write to: cidag@paw-europe.com.

Intergroup at the European Parliament (deals with animal welfare issues)
Mr Bob Van den Bos: bravdbos@worldonline.nl
Mr Rijk Van Dam: rvandam@europarl.eu.int
Mr Gil Robles: jgilrobles@europarl.eu.int
Ms Caroline Lucas: clucas@europarl.eu.int
Mr Papayannakis: papagiannakis@syn.gr
Ms Marit Paulsen: mpaulsen@europarl.eu.int
Ms Patricia McKenna: pmckenna@europarl.eu.int
Ms Martine Roure: martine.roure.deputee@wanadoo.fr
Ms Johanna Maij-Weggen: jmaij@europarl.eu.int
Greek Government
Prime Minister Constantine Simitis: mail@primeminister.gr
Minister of Agriculture Georgios Drys : ax2u025@minagric.gr
Minister of Tourism Dimitrios Georgarakis: president@gnto.gr
Minister of Internal Affairs Constantine Skandalidis : info@ypes.gr
Minister of Public Order Michalis Chrysochoidis : ydt@otenet.gr
Greek embassies
Canada: embassy@greekembassy.ca
Finland: info@greekembassy.fi
France: ambgrpar@wanadoo.fr
Germany: info@griechische-botschaft.de
Italy: gremroma@tin.it
UK: political@greekembassy.org.uk
USA: greece@greekembassy.org
Olympic Committees/National Olympic Committees

Athens 2004: welcome@athens2004.gr
Australia: aoc@olympics.com.au
Belgium: info@olympic.be
Canada: webmaster@coa.ca
Denmark: noc.denmark@dif.dk
Finland: office@noc.fi
France: cnosf@cnosf.org
Germany: noc.germany@t-online.de
Ireland: admin@olympic-council.ie
Italy: segreteria@coni.it
Luxembourg: cosl@sport-olympic.lu
The Netherlands: international.affairs@noc-nsf.nl
Spain: correo@coe.es
Sweden: info@sok.se
Switzerland: info@swissolympic.ch
UK: boa@boa.org.uk
USA: media@usoc.org
Greek National Tourism Offices:
AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND: hto@tpg.com.au
AUSTRIA: grect@vienna.at
BELGIUM: gnto@skynet.be
CANADA: grnto.tor@sympatico.ca
DENMARK: hellasdk@get2net.dk
FINLAND: kreikanvaltion.matkailutsto@gnto.inet.fi
FRANCE: eot@club-internet.fr
GERMANY: info@gzf-eot.de
ISRAEL: hellenic@netvision.net.il
ITALY: turgrec@tin.it
JAPAN : gnto-jpn@t3.rim.or.jp
NETHERLANDS: gnot@planet.nl
RUSSIA: gntoru@aha.ru
SPAIN: turismodegrecia@infonegocio.com
SWEDEN: grekiska.statens.turistbyra@swipnet.se
SWITZERLAND: eot@bluewin.ch
UNITED KINGDOM AND IRELAND : EOT-greektouristoffice@btinternet.com
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: info@greektourism.com
Many thanks for your help in this matter.
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Thank you for the links, Anne. We had been informed of the problem, but now we know where we can make our opinions known. Thanks so much.
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