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Help!! My kitten isn't breathing right..

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Hey all, just registered here. I have a problem with my kitten, but you need some background.

On Monday, my dad was going to drive me to my school cause I had a maths exam to give. I have 2 kittens, 2 months old each. Pixel and Mili. Anyway, we get into the car and 10 metres after we heard a sound, car stops, I open my door and I see poor Pixel run over.. ( Apparently they climbed in the engine and no one realised. He died instantly at least. Poor thing. Anyway, Mili managed to avoid the wheels and went into a bush. I got her out, she was breathing like hell, like she was gonna have a heart attack. Obviously, she must have been scared like hell from the loud car engine and after watching her friend die it must have been hard. So I pick her up gently and place her in my garden so she can relax. (Note: It's hard for a kitten to get out from our garden so I thought she would be fine.) I had to go after that.

When I came back I couldn't find her, we searched every part of the garden, went outside, around the neighborhood, but nothing, not even her dead body since I thought she maybe had internal injuries. She was now missing.

Next day evening, I was outside and I hear faint meow meow sounds, I go around and find her.. man I was so happy and relieved she came back, I don't know where or how, but I didn't care much then. She looked like hell, very worn out, hasn't eaten for 1 and a half days. I stroke her a bit, put her to lie down, open a can of her favourite food, some water etc, but she wants to sleep first. I leave her alone so she can rest.

I kept checking every now and then, but all she does is sleep, she doesnt eat or drink water. I noticed her breathing is weird, like she's struggling to breath. I can't explain this easily, but her legs are kinda outwards so her lungs have more space but she isn't getting much air in..

My question is, could there be something very wrong? My parents are out of the country, and my grandma is staying with us. Should I call the vet? Could she have any breathing problems? Note that she was perfectly fine before. Is it just cause shes tired right now? She isnt eating anything either.

Sorry if this isnt the correct forum for this, I thought it was the most appropriate.
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If she isn't eating or drinking then yes, i would get her to a vet asap because she could be dehydrated.
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Please, call a vet right away.
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There is also a chance she coul have gotten ran over/hit and has some internal injuries. Can you bring her inside and clal the vet? Any breathing problems calls for a prompt visit to a vet.
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Thanks, I'll call the vet asap.
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Just to let anyone who cares know, she didn't make it and died of dehydration. Vet told me that it's better she died cause the lack of food/water while she was missing created a kidney problem and it would have made things harder for her in the future. Rip Mily.
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I'm sorry for your loss RIP sweet kitties.

I hope that if you get another kitten or cat, that you will keep them indoors only and not let them run around outside.
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