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Question about California Natural

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Does anyone feed this to their cats? I'm looking to switch dry foods, and I've heard a lot of good stuff about CN, but I want a few more opinions. Good/bad experiences, stuff like that. And if you have any other dry food recommendations, I'd be glad to hear those too.

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Willow loves it. She usually gets the chicken and rice, but my boyfriend's mom gave me some of the new herring and sweet potato that they bought accidentally. Odo gets some on rare occasions (he normally get only canned), and he scarfs it on down.
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My cats really like it and it definitely has made a difference in their coats. It's a real simple formula, only five ingredients, so it is also an excellent choice for sensitive cats. I have only tried the chicken and rice, I think the other one has more ingredients. I also feed the Wellness Chicken and Rice. My cats also like that one. It has a real small kibble size which I guess is an issue for some cats.
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Buffy and Willow were on it for a while a couple of years ago, and they just positively thrived on it. Then Molly came along and started having horrible bowel issues with it, so I had to switch (I free-fed, so I couldn't leave the CA Natural down all the time if Molly was having allergies or whatever). I spent about a year switching from brand to brand until it was discovered that Molly just can't digest the carbs in dry food (she's thriving on RAW now, as is Willow; Buffy is on canned but she's finally showing an interest in raw meat so I'm currently switching her onto RAW as well).

But CA Natural is still my favorite kibble. I can't feed it anymore, obviously, but back in the day, I was CA Natural's biggest fan, lol
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My 5 cats all love it and I have no complaints so far.
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Swanie and Cindy like it, and they're doing well on it. I get the chicken and rice, but I recently got a sample bag of the herring and sweet potato and they wouldn't touch that one. I"ve just started mixing Orijen in with it, and it seems like a winning combination so far.
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I personally thing it's a really good food; however, my picky pants cats ate it for a short time & then refused to eat it so I had to switch back to nutro. Then again my cats have been on nutro 3 - 4 years (Isaac & Maggie have had nothing but Nutro)
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It's one of my kibbles, i use the chicken/rice combo. Only my brother/sister pair eat it though, my youngest isn't all that fond of it.

Seems like a good food, reasonable in price and most cats seem to like the taste, no complaints here with it from the ones who eat it .

My other kibbles that are out for picking are nutro indoor complete care and orijen which is a grain free.
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Love the ingrediants in the chn and rice ... the herring should be simlier IMHO .. Cats would eat some of the canned but Zoey said no to the dry ... My dog would eat the canned but not the dry
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My cats love the Cal Natural Chicken & Rice. The carbs were getting Merlynn a little "tanky" as the vet put it, so now they're more into the canned and they get some crunchies as a treat now and then. But it is my favorite kibble, especially b/c of the simplicity of the ingredients. Merlynn seems to have tummy problems with anything too complicated. Well, okay, just any dairy products and garlic.
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I put all of mine on it and I loved did they, which I guess is more imprtant My fat cat slimmed down, my average weight cats maintained their weight, and everyone was mooth and sily. Then I found Henry, who has been a nightmare with UTI problems, and I had to switch everyone off because the magnesium was too high for Henry. But I do love it and I wish I could still feed it, but I switched to Wellness because it is much lower in magnesium.
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I feed California Natural Chicken & Rice as well as Herring & Sweet Potato.
I alternate, get different formula every other bag so they don't get sick of the flavor.
I mainly feed wet, but that is the dry I use when I cannot do wet feedings for a day.

California Natural is my favorite food.
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