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Need some workman vibes please

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Ok, I know this sounds funny... but I've been arguing with my cable internet company for over a month now because my internet keeps going up and down. I've switched out modems and routers... I've run it directly to the computer without a splitter.. I've tried different splitters.. I tried an amplifier... you name it, I've done it. But every time I call tech support they say 'well, your signal seems fine'. Then I made an appointment for a tech to come out here and they never showed up. Finally I got fed up and actually yelled at a supervisor tonight (I'm beyond frustrated)... so they're sending someone tomorrow.. I suppose we'll see if they show up.

Tonight alone my internet has been like this:
Down 11.25pm
Up 11.27pm
Down 11.47pm
Up 11.48pm
Down 11.52pm
Up 11.54pm

Even the lady at the ISP told me my modem has reset 7000 times this month. That's INSANE! But, the supervisor at the cable company doesn't believe anything is wrong and said that when the tech comes if the signal is working, he won't be able to fix anything.

So I need vibes that 1. The tech actually shows up (and I've had enough coffee to handle him ) and 2. my internet goes down while he's here... oh and 3. that they don't decide there is a problem with my wires and charge me $40/hr to fix it... there shouldn't be, I mean nothing has changed with my outside wires... but if they can't find a problem with the signal, that's what theyre going to blame it on.

So please... send vibes... I'm desperate... and I don't want to have to yell at any more supervisors
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I am sending u many vibes that it all works out!

I understand how you feel, well when we had switched companies and such they sent a new modem, well the modem didn't work it was bad and it did prett ymuch what you are explaining there but it only did it sometimes and it would last longer than what you said! And well it took weeks but finally some one came and said yep its a bad modem they should have just listened to me the first 5,000 times !!!! I completly understand ur fustration many many vibes are coming your way that it all goes well
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I'm sending you lots of VIBES!!! I hope it goes to pooh while he's there!
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Come on workman!!! Find and fix the problem!!! (and as a bonus - be a cutie!)
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Yay! It all went to heck while he was here and finally fixed the problem. He wasn't a cutie... well not by my standards since he was about twice my age... but super nice and just fun to chat with. He was another NY relocatee (big surprise in FL ) so that was kind of neat.

And as a bonus... he's sending someone out today to install a second cable outlet in my office so I don't have to have a wire running across the room for the tv - for free! He felt bad I got put through so much trying to convince someone there really was a problem.

But just out of curiosity... has anyone ever had a cable outlet installed? I'm trying to find out about how long it's going to take... haven't slept all night.. am dying for a nap... but he's going to be here between 10 and 12, so I can't sleep yet. Hoping I can plan on when I can get a nap in...
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