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Chase the birdie.

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Spooky was very interested in the little birdie outside. I was terrified that she would jump, but the drop isn't that large looking at a cats point of view. It was safer to let her romp then to try to grab her and drag her inside the window. . .

She jumped up to the window ledge.

There is a birdie in that tree... oh, it flew away. I'll go get it.

No, it's out of my reach... how do I get back inside? . . . .
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that is just to cute, I love that last photo ! What a cutie pie
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I'd be having a panic attack if that was one of my two hanging out the window like that

Spooky get back inside now!!
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aww bird-watching - a kitty's favorite pastime
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At least your cat was calm enought to wait for you to open the window.... Enzo loves watching all the birds and squirrels I feed. We even have a little squirrel who will let you just about touch it...of course I'm too afraid to get bit by that mangy thing. Anyway, we had our patio door open, screen closed, and he saw the squirrel walk right up to the screen, he ran at full speed across the living room and head first into the screen. I thought for sure he would break right through it!!!!

What a pretty cat too!!! I'm glad she didn't get to excited and fall off or anything!!! Wonderful balance!
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What a sweet face!!! I love the last picture!
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I don't worry so much when she is on the ledge, because it's quite wide it is only worrisome because it has a slight slope. Spook doesn't seem to mind.

The last picture is her finished chasing the bird and she followed me to where I sit at the computer and that window is closed because I get too cold with that window open, but she wanted me to open the window for her even though the one on the other side was still open.
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I love her half mask! Adorable little face.
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