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They don't call me Dorky Fish for nuttin'!

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ROFL --- His infamous bum!

Ophelia/The Spook on the "new homemade cat tree"

There's that Dorky Fish again!

Is she gonna 'tack me meowmy?

He looks so ferocious here!

How this is comfy for Ophelia IDK

It's taken 5 months, but Molly plays now!

Those invisble things make the best toys!

Ophlelia playing, too

A site you may very well never see again....Ophelia in the same pic as another female cat & she isn't attacking!
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Aww Dorky Fish He's so sweet Nat
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all of them are stunning!
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Ohhh sweet Dorky Fish!!! He's got such a cute bum!

Great pics of the crew, looks like they love their new cat tree
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They look so happy there. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of the new cat tree.
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great to see photos of all the gang - well most of em
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Dorky Fish your as bad as my Sophie for not covering your modesty!!

Gorgeous babies
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That cat tree is a hit. Nothing like a new hang-out place, to bring all kinds of folk together. Its like a Starbucks for cats! Now you just have to serve them teeny little cups of CatSip and...ok, I'll stop now.
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What great pics - looks like the crew is haveing a great time!
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I love the pic where you got them all together
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Great pictures!!! They are all so sweet!!
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OMG I saw the title to this and had to look..Im a huge Bill Engvall fan...All I kept hearing in my head was "Whats a corn dog doin in the middle of the ocean.."...ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! I love Mollys lil mustache..Very sexy!! All your kitties are purdy furbabies!
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LOL! I was going to ask who the little cream kitten was on the first platform...I love the tree and so do all of your sweet kitties! Very cute photos of all of those kids!
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The buff/cream whatever color he is...that's Dorian Grey....a.k.a Dorky Fish!
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