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A True Gift Giver

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This is my first posting and I'm curious if anyone has experience with a "gift-giving" cat. My lil' Smudge loves toys and generally delivers them to me while I'm sleeping. If they don't make it on the bed then they have been delivered near the bedroom door. She is very selective and seemingly chooses the gift based on some unknown logic. For example, after returning from a weekend away, my husband and I were pleased to awaken to a trail of "Elmo", "Green Dolpin" and "Jack"....with only "Green Dolphin" being a regular. I believe this is some hunting behavior, however, it also seems to be a true gift-giving gesture. Any other Kitties out there with a generous soul?
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Oh yes, and I know people who have outdoor cats can tell you wonderful stories. It is natural for cats to bring "presents" home to mom. This shows them what great hunters they are. I know several people who wake up to birds,mice and other various creatures.
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You should feel privileged that you are getting these presents. Smitty loves to bring mice up on the bed at night. Sometimes we will wake up with as many as 8 fake mice on the bed. I take it as a sign of love.
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I love getting these gifts (and am thankful Smudge is an indoor kitty). My husband and I always praise her, thanking her for these gifts. What I'm wondering, however, is if anyone has recognized a pattern? I'm trying to figure out if there is a logic or thinking behind the behavior. I feel like if I could figure it out, she is trying to communicate something based on her choice of toys and timing.
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That is so cute what your kitty does. One time my kitty Nomar wanted to play and I was sleeping. He tried everything to get my attention. Finally he left, then came back with his favorite toy. He sat on me and when I opened my eyes. There he was with his little pouch filled with toy balls. We have a game we play, I throw it and he fetches. He loves that!! Usually when he just wants to wake me he will comb my hair with his paws.. He has quite a personality...What would we do without our kittys !!
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Our Simba brings his beanie baby to the bed and drops it in front of us to play with him before we go to sleep. We hide it in the covers and he stalks it.

If he doesn't have his "baby", I just have to say "Where's your baby" and he'll go get it from wherever and bring it in to play.

He also takes our hair brush. It's been missing now for over a week. Good thing my husband doesn't have much hair! He hardly misses it!
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It never fails that every morning when I get up I am surrounded by toys laying on or around me. The typical one is their Spyder Monkey that they carry around (they also take turns cleaning it too). It is such the effort to get it up on the bed since the legs of the stuffed monkey drag on the floor as they cart it around. I feel so honored that I get a laborous gift every morning. You should be happy your little ones love you so
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