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Stuck in a Truck

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Our neighbors got evicted a few weeks ago and left their cat, Spot. Me and my family started feeding it after finding it going through our garbage. So, we left food out for her and she'd come almost every night, until she stopped. Last Saturday my son was walking a dog we were babysitting and he heard mews coming from an abandoned car with a broken back window. To nobodys surprise it was Spot with three adorable little kittens . Two were orange and one was grey, like Spot. We've been trying to get her out by putting a type of racoon trap in the car but, we can't fit in in the car without Spot trying to bite off a finger. I want to get Spot out to spay her and find her a good home. Were planning on keeping the kittens though. How do I catch this cat?
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You need to use a humane trap, put smelly cat food inside and set it outside the car, not inside. Once she goes there to eat, then you move in swiftly and get her kittens as well. Watch the trap carefully, monitor it if you can until she is trapped or her kittens will be at risk to other predators.
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