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Is there a sticky that maybe I am missing on GOOD quality cat food?
Is Iams or Purina kitten chow a good food to be feeding?
Looking for good kitten food

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There is a health and nutrition section where you will get lots of info on foods. There are better quality brands than Purina and Iams.
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My ragdolls were raised on nutro complete care kitten, i think it's a decent food and better quality wise than cat chow, plus price wise it's pretty reasonable, and often goes on sale at petsmart or bonus bags come out, now that their all grown we continue to feed it but in the adult indoor formula.

After that, i using California naturals, it's for cats and kittens


you could probably do a search on the board and bring up many threads on suggested foods also..

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purina and evan iams are low quality foods...

Do you have access to a Petco or Petsmart??

Or a small family owned pet store???

What is the budget limit per month?? ( be honest this allows me to recommend IMHO the best foods in your budget)

How old is the kitten ??

Long hair or short hair??
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