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Poo poo problem

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i have read the thread about urinating but it seems as though my cat only "poo's" if you will, in inapropriate places such as behind the front door . and it's now gotten to the point that something MUST be done to stop this behavior. It is a 9 to 10 year old black female cat who is "fixed" and she hasn't displayed this behavior before until recently and now it's just gotten way out of hand. we have one other young cat who is almost one year old but they don't really bother with each other much. please i beg of ANYONE to please answer my pleads! at this point idk what i can possibly do.
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oh and i forgot to add i haven't really tried any solution except enzym cleaner called nature's marical
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Cats cover their pee and poo and when one is eliminating out in the open, it is a sign that something is not right.

Have you taken the cat to the vet to rule out any health problem? Thats what you should do first. If that has been done and there is not a health problem, make sure you have enough litter boxes.

The other kitty maybe bullying this kitty at the litter box, so make sure the older kitty has her own box. Make sure the litterboxes are clean and scooped daily.

But make sure its not a health problem first.
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Thx Pami for the suggestion i will deff. get her to a vet and take care of the litter boxes
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I hope everything goes well at the vet. Please keep us updated!
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We were recently at the Vet having our male cat checked out for some urinary tract problems, and we inquired about our female cat and if she would be at risk of the same problem. Although the vet said it would be unlikely, he said some signs to watch for would be urinating/"pooping" in inappropriate places. Check it out with the vet!
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I think you probably have a litterbox stalker and the older cat has taken to pooing out in the open because she's trying to tell you something is wrong.

It's not unusual for the cat dynamic to change over time, and you're other kitty, at a year old is probably feeling like she should be in charge. As a consequence the older one is either trying to reinforce her territory, or she's just too scared/intimidated to go back to the box for a poo (which after all takes more time than a simple pee and she probably feels more vulnerable).

The basic rule is a box per cat plus one and you should try to locate them in different areas of the house if possible.

Litterbox stalking is sometimes subtle. Does your younger cat hang around the doorway to the room with the box? or in an area where she can see the box from a distance? Does she go running if she hears digging? I recommend a book called "Cat Vs. Cat"-- you may not want to take all the author's advice, but it will make you look at their behavior more critically.

And, since stress can cause medical problems, it's not a bad idea to take older kitty to the vet.
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