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BarbB's beautiful Ace and William

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BarbB has been taking care of 2 gorgeous feral cats at her home. William was injured and has had to have his tail amputated. You can read all about their story in this thread:

Here are the precious little ones:

For those that don't read the entire thread, William is 22 pounds and Ace is 6 pounds. They treat each other as a "married" couple and stressed when they were separated for William's surgery.

I will let Barb fill in the rest of the details.....

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Awwww What a beautiful pair of kitties!
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aww...I just love to see two kitties loving each other
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Just gorgeous...Bless you Barb for all the time and energy you have put into helping these sweet babies
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They are absolutely beautiful! Look how healthy and alive they look now
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They are just too adorable, such a cute pair
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oh my, what a special pair they are indeed and what wonderful work Barb, well done you
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What a sweet picture of two best friends! Poor William - I am glad that he has recovered!
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Yeah I think they are gorgeous too . I have never seen two cats more bonded. They do spend time apart, but when they are together, they are almost always touching. Ace curls around William with her tail and rubs on him. They make little cries to each other when one of them wants the other to come and be closer- like when Ace is playing with a toy in my house (with the outside door open and my cats locked up of course) and William doesn't want to come in that far.

I am trying to get more pix but they don't like the way the camera looks or the flash. And the sound of the shutter clicking terrifies them. I told MOM I think it reminds them of the trap sound!

Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I have to thank all of you too! I don't know where these kitties would be without all the help I got from so many people on this site, from the very beginning on through to now.

It is so scary, isn't it, when you need to intervene and help the kitties and have no experience. I have needed all the words of encouragement each step of the way, just to know what to do and how to do it, and most of all, that it is what is needed and will be the best for them.
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They're such lovely kitties -- and that's a beautiful portrait you made of them!

If your camera is digital, there may be a setting where you can keep it from making a beep when it shoots the picture... though I'm sure there's still a little click from the motion of the shutter. But maybe that wouldn't bother them as much...?
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They are just so pretty. Ace looks so small next to William!
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What a beautiful pair!
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They are absolutely stunning!!
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