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Cats on the radio - live!

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Has anyone else heard of live cat actors on a radio broadcast?
I used to do a weekdaily one-minute call-in feature as part of a news parody radio show in Santa Barbara. My cat, who became known as Wilamena the Radio Cat, would always, ALWAYS, meow when I picked her up. Sort of a "watch it, buddy" statement. So I incorporated her into my daily broadcast, I would introduce her, pick her up, she would meow live, and I would read a story over her byline.

I'm sure many people thought it was a recorded cat loop, but it wasn't.

She was also my muse for several surrealist comedy plays and other cat art works. Wilamena had a way of looking at me as though I was about to do something interesting and I would feel obligated to produce.
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My cat monkey had an experince with the readio in a round about way. I walked her on a leash all the time. We would go quite far around town. We got a lot of reactions from people being amazed to people rudely shouting form there cars "Get a dog!" Monkey and I didn't care what people said. But she is really good with people and any one who stoped to pet her fell in love with her. Saddly these walks ended after she got spooked one day by dog. Saddly the dog came out worse from the situation than Monkey did. But anyway during the time we took our walks we met a lot of people. People would see her comming and know her name. A local radio station had a call in radio show with new local guest daily. One day the guest was a wild life conservationist and the subject was the declining local bird population caused but outdoor cats. (I am not sure how many birds a bunch of cats can kill but these people seemed very concerned.) I called in, which is somthing I did alot and talked about walking cats on a leash and harness. A few second after I called in another call was made asking if I was Monkey's mommy. They were courious becuse The person haddn't seen Monkey around for a week. It was kind of stange that this person would get call in to a raido show to check up on my cat. I called back to let everyone know that I was indeed Monkey's mommy and Monkey was fine. After I talked to the shows producer and got Monkey and I to come on the show the same day that the guest was to be a local vet that offered pet advice. Lets just say everyone at the station loved Monkey by the time our visit was over.
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