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Kneading cats

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Hello everyone,
I have a simple question that I would like the answer to. Why do our cat's knead in their beds and also on us when we hold them? Is this a good or bad thing? Thanks,
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It should be considered a good thing. Though if your cats aren't declawed, it can sometimes hurt, lol.

I've also heard it happens with kittens who were taken away from their mother too soon, aka they were not weaned properly.
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You are as comforting as mom. My Pearl gets in bed with me at night, snuggles up, and kneads my tummy until she goes to sleep. It's very sweet.
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Cats kneeding is a natural reaction to being around their mother. To get milk they kneed the mothers nipples in order to stimulate milk flow. Cats even when adult do this when they are around some they see as their 'top cat', it's a sign of security and safety.

As for declawing, it should be banned.
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Thank you all for your quick replies. Now I know that my cats really love me. As to declawing I am not in favor of it either, and would not have it done.
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Speaking of kneading, I woke up way too early this morning, thanks to Peedoodle kneading my boobies! I cannot feed him that way!!!
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

Trent doesn't knead there, but he does think that they are great pillows!
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OW! Suki kneads my 'down belows' and I have to stop her, it hurts! Now she sits on my chest and kneads my neck
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I can just see all of you "kneaded" injured people going to the doctor's and trying to explain! Honest doctor, my kitty was trying to get milk....

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Oh my.

You guys are too funny :laughing:

I love when my girls crawl up and knead me.
I take it as a high compliment, and a sign
that I am not the worst kitty mommy in the
world . It is just so sweet .
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LOL! Kneading the "parts". :tounge2:

Jedi doesn't knead me or Mike in our "parts", but he does love to curl up on the top of the sofa and snuggle up against the back of our necks and knead our hair and our necks! I LOVE when he does that!

He also likes to snuggle his face up against mine when he lays up there and "chirp". It's not purring, it's more like a low chirping sound, that he makes in short bursts. Sort of like he is trying to roll his tongue or something! :tounge2: Cats are so adorable!
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How indecent - kneading the "parts"
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What great input from everybody. terrific reading. Thanks a bunch for a fun evening.
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My sweet soft Macy kneads all the time! She will knead my neck first thing in the morning when Im still in bed after the alarm. Then she will knead as soon as I turn out the lights for bed. In some instances she will knead the back of my neck and it's like a massage! But she usually just does the front. Hee hee.
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I don't believe I have ever had a cat that did not knead. It is as natural as purring, they do it when they feel content and want to snuggle.
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